1 Murph down, 11 to go

6 Harrisburg men took on the first Murph challenge of the year. Who can make all 12 this year? Or even 10? 8?

Stretch on your own.

The Murph:
1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Mericans
300 Air Squats
1 mile run

Round Robin Mary
The W x15 (Clueless)
Reverse Crunch x16 (because Uneasy Rider likes even numbers)
LBC x15 (Magnificent)
The Squirm x15 (RibShack)
Pretzel Crunch x10 each side (Gamma)
Freddy Mercury x15 (Othello)

COT – prayers are needed for Ed from Magnficent’s church as he’s battling cancer.

1. Nice showing this morning. Tclaps to Othello on his first Murph. Now that your personal bar is set, beat it next time.
2. Strong work by Magnificent and Uneasy Rider. They said they would be slower today, but it’s all relative. Apparently 23-year-old hammys heal fast.
3. Impressive speed by RibShack, staying with Clueless on the first mile and I believe finished right with him. Speaking of Clueless, need to listen closely when he talks about running. He doesn’t say he’s not a runner, just that he doesn’t like to run. Nice job today.
4. Big thanks to all four for circling back to pick up Othello and me…and for Othello for hanging back with me in the first place. Nothing better than the entire pax finishing together.


5 thoughts on “1 Murph down, 11 to go

  1. Clueless

    Strong work and effort everyone! Way to push the pace Magnificent and Uneasy Rider. Enjoyed the runs RibShack… thanks for letting me catch up. Gamma and Othello… solid work throughout. Great way to start the week fellas!

    As for running… a little is fine, but my old body (and back) can’t take the continuous pounding. Plus, the M has run circles around me since college…

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