Goodbye #HateHate

10 men (plus a creepy walker) showed up at 0700 because they didn’t care what the radar said, rain or no rain F3 Harrisburg would commence. For all you fartsackers, here’s what you missed – read it and weep.

Mosey to lower lot
SSH x 20
Squats x 9
IST x 20
Windmill x 9
Merkin x 20
Mountain Climber x 9

Mosey to concession stand – partner-up
P1 people’s chair, P2 sprint across field, touch fence, sprint back
Repeato 2x
P1 Balls-2-wall, P2 sprint across field, touch fence, sprint back
Repeato 2x

Mosey to playground
10 CDD, 10 Merkins, 10 Reverse crunches, (OYO) then run and touch pole
Repeato 2x
10 Pull ups, 10 Jump squats, 10 Dips, (OYO) then run and touch pole

Mosey to midfield
10 LBC, sprint to bottom of hill, 10 wide merkins, bear crawl half-way, 10 merkins, bear crawl to top, 10 diamond merkin, sprint back to midfield and plank until all PAX complete.
Repeato 8, 6, 4, 2

Mosey to corner of field
Jack webb – 1:2… up to 8:16 (merkin w/air press)
Mosey to next corner
Jack webb down from 8:16
Mosey to next corner
Dan Taylor – 2:2… 12:12 (air squat w/alternating lunge)
Mosey to next corner
Dan Taylor down from 12:12

Mosey to sideline
Partner 100s
P1 sprint to sideline and back, P2 monkey humpers
Repeato until partners complete 100 monkey humpers

Squirm x 29
W X 29
LBC X 29



  • Little rain fell on the PAX, however the fields were extra soggy and slippery. The soggy hands brought back slushy wheel barrels memories for @Gapper. No, today’s was much nicer – no snow, no frost, just wet. Even @Banjo Boy was man enough to tackle it bear handed (couldn’t resist).
  • Good 6-man turn out for the #BullRun – nice having @Casper join in on the fun. Thunder Road Marathon training huh? #2015goal
  • Lots of mummblechatter during coffeteria about BRR 2015. We need 18 guys to HC (2 teams: 12-man and 6-man). Sound off below with your HC. Don’t ask the M, just HC – right @SoloCup?
  • Thanks for sticking with YHC on the cadence count to 29. Goodbye #HateHate, the #Hate begins Monday.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye #HateHate

  1. BBQ Post author

    Way to work out there guys. It definitely felt colder at the end than when we started.

    @Gamma – watch out for @Hootie, he’s getting serious with his Bible App reading plan. He’s trying to pull ahead thanks to long walks around the track and the audio version. #3rdF

    1. Gamma

      @BBQ – I hate (#seewhatIdidthere) that I couldn’t be there this morning. Looked like a great workout. Happy birthday to you and @SunDial. Just 10 short years and you’ll done with the #hate completely.

      @Hootie – there’s probably a ‘Hooked on Phonics’ app out there in case you want to actually read it. But seriously, thanks to you and @BBQ for the push.

  2. SoloCup

    I TOLD the M what the deal was on #BRR15. @BanjoBoy, it’s time for you to do the same.

    Happy Birthday@BBQ and @Sundail. Welcome to the #Hate

  3. Hootie

    Where have all the park walkers been? No pictures in the woods this week and no tomatoes to turn some laps with. Heck…by the time I caught Chaos and pulled a few hundred meters with him, he bailed on me. Been a while since any sort of solo post…good gut check as to what the #SadClowns of the world are doing. All the more reason to throw more EH’s.

    Between the creepy walk, Mary, and the Jack Webb I pulled at the house last night, YHC is feeling it this AM. I’ve missed that feeling…looking forward to move of it in the future. Miss running around with you guys.

    @Gamma – 2nd place is the first loser.

    1. Gamma

      @Hootie – “And the first shall be last….” according to St. Matthew. And every second place finisher since then.

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