Beeps to test your hearing

11 #Highland Speedsters met for what was tweeted as a “beeping good time”. Most knew the beep test was in store, but they didn’t realize it would be their hearing that would be tested.

The Thang:

Mosey run out rabbit hole, left on Pkwy, left on Shelley, past the haunted trailers, and into the horror filled bus lot.

Warmup COP: SSH, Windmill, IST, Mountain Climber, Merican

Beep Test: Cones 20 meters apart, Beep Timer App signals when to run

When you can’t keep up with the beeps, drop out and run the bus lot while you wait for the @Frodo and @TheNanny duel to finish.

Partner mile: Find a partner; Partner 1 sprints 200m bus loop, Partner 2 rest, tag, rinse, repeat until the team reaches 1 mile (4 laps each).

Basketball hoop suicides: Standard (forward/forward); Forward/Backwards; Standard

Mosey to cars for stretching and ending with Circle Merc.

1. Well of course there’s a wikipedia page about the beep test, but it’s called “Multi-stage fitness test” (  #bleep #VO2max

2. Good news: most pax qualify for the Australian Federal Police (6.5 min beep test), and @TheNanny’s dream of becoming a Slovenian ice hockey referee is still possible (9.0 min). #2minutes4slashing

3. @Frodo was the beep test winner today with a score in the 10s. Excellent by #Highland standards, but he’s got some work to do to qualify to be a UK Royal Marine Officer (15.0). #cheerio

4. Testing of the fire alarms at HCES made my little iThingy speaker useless so cobains to those pax who couldn’t hear the beep. The alarm light show was a little spooky, especially in the trailers. #perfectscoobydoomystery

5. Great seeing @Shazam back in the gloom. #kotter



4 thoughts on “Beeps to test your hearing

  1. Skipper Post author

    Prayers for all you men on the mend. @Google may be looking at an ACL tear, though that didn’t keep him in the fartsack today! #fatgoogleloveTheNanny

    1. Skipper Post author

      It’s called “BT Free”, it was the 1st thing that popped up when I searched beep test in the iPhone app store. There were more options too, but most cost $.

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