A Bent Jacob with A Box Kicker

16 PAX posted on a crisp 32F morn with clear skies.

WOD 1.0 (7PAX)

What Warm UP?  Grab 10lb paver and mosey to Hill 216 at NE.

NOTE Throughout all exercises at Hill 216 and THE BOX the PAX ran with 10lb paver using both hands with weight kept at mid abdomen/lower chest level.



Bent Jacob’s Ladder at Hill 216

Sprint with paver in front using both hands up Hill 216 and do ONE Burpee at the top. RUN back down with paver the long way around.  Sprint back up hill with paver and do TWO Burpees at top. RINSE AND REPEAT ending with 7 Burpees and 7 ascents at top of Hill 216


MOSEY with paver to BOX and MINESHAFT ONE

At Bottom of MINESHAFT ONE do:10 Walking Mericans
10 Thrusters
Run up Shaft to 4th floor with paver using both handsAt Top Deck of Box do:10 V UPS while holding paver in both hands
10 Patty Cake Mericans
Run down SHAFT 2 to bottom with paver using both handsRinse and Repeat until time called
Mosey to MARY meeting WOD 2.0 PAX
WOD 2.0 (9 PAX)
Mosey around ASEC Lot
High Knees
ButtkickersCircle Up
SSH x 20 IC
IST x 20 IC
Cotton pickers x 20 IC
Walk outs x 10
Arm Circles
Mosey to Rock pile
Select weapon of choiceOverhead Press x 15
Curls x 12
Merkins x 10
RepeatoOverhead Press x 15
Curls x 10
Jack Webbs in an alternating ascending and descending ladder starting at 10 and 2

Lunge walk with Rock approx 25 yards
Goblet squat w/ Rock x 10

Mosey to benches at Fire Circle
Dips x 15
Step ups x 1 minute

Mosey to Mary

Low Dolly x 15
Homer to Marge with low flutter x 8
IN/OUTs x 10
Great 2.0 group today with 2 second timers aka Smith & Wesson and Magneto.
Pax were surprised that their own hands can be so freaking heavy. Thank you Mr. Webb. 
Running with a 10 lb paver is something Backdraft and I had been working on and realized that it was an incredible work out as almost all muscles groups are involved in the run making it an endurance beast mode exercise. Starting with A BENT Jacob and then going into the BOX was a hurt me. Backdraft na’ah u dn’t!! You better have been at work.
Thanks to Holycow for Q ing the 2.0

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