Road Warrior One Year Anniversary

Five hardened Road Warriors (and Dixie) got up early, stepped into the gloom, and cerebrated one year of getting faster together

The Thang
  • Start at Town Hall
  • Straight up Kee Ln
  • Right at Physicians  Blvd
  • Right on Roberta Rd sidewalk
  • Left at Rocky River Crossing
  • Left up Morehead Rd
  • Right onto Valhalla Dr
  • Right on Williams Rd (Roller Coaster) , Straight on Lakeview Rd
  • Left on Hudson Dr, doubled back to find @RibShack (so much for no man left behind)
  • Left on Morehead Rd (picked up the pace)
  • Right on Plaza Dr, Left fork at Parallel Dr
  • Left on Roberta Rd sidewalk, Crossed over onto Harrisburg Plaza (@SoloCup head faked and juked at Main St to take the lead) Keep going straight on Harrisburg Plaza
  • Right on Town Center Rd, Sprint to the end (got passed by @SSMinnow, @BanjoBoy, and @Dixie)


Map/Pace detail

COT/ Warrior One
  1. I am honored to have lead the Road Warriors this morning and am grateful for the time we have spent together.
  2. It’s been a great year.  I especially would like to thank: @BBQ, @SSMinnow, @SunDial, @BanjoBoy, @Gamma, and @Gapper for their multiple Q’s for this workout.  You’ve all made us better runners through your leadership.
  3. Big shout out to @RibShack.  We lost him on Hudson Drive and he pushed hard to make it back to the PAX just slightly under our mileage.  A year ago(ish) he laughed at me when I asked him to come out and run with our group. Now he’s completed a Mud Run,  consistently runs 4-5 miles at a clip, and is going to run a Half Marathon in 2015.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of how far you’ve come buddy.
  4. We will be starting a 5K training program on 2/2 at Hickory Ridge Middle School (meeting every Monday after that until the Harrisburg 5k.)  Let us know you are interested here: Stop trying to do it by yourself. You and I both know it ain’t going to happen.
  5. Happy Hour tonight at Flanigan’s in Town Center (7 PM until the M calls to tell you to come home)
  6. Speed workouts with @SSMinnow on Friday’s at Hickory Ridge Middle School


Solo Cup

6 thoughts on “Road Warrior One Year Anniversary

  1. RibShack

    BTW, I took the Hwy 49 route back to the TH, had to see if any of @BBQ’s friends were at the crosswalks! Diesel fumes from all the rigs are always preferable to the barking dogs through the neighborhood & the smell of all the breakfasts cooking up that early in the morning.

  2. BBQ

    @SoloCup – thanks for the shout out. Hate I missed this one. You’re totally right about how hard it is to train by yourself. I used to do it all alone and didn’t see much improvement. Having brothers in front and behind you sure does make it more worth the effort. “If they’re out here doing it, so can I.” Forget who’s fastest, run more races, longer distances, etc., etc. just you against you. And I’ll be back out with you guys, as soon as I figure out how to persuade the M from doing FiA Wednesday AMs.

    1. Gamma

      I’ll second that. Had every intention of a solo run in Ohio, but the lack of accountability from my F3 brothers (and probably the freezing rain) got the best of me.

      @SoloCup – congrats one the one year anniversary of Road Warrior, and thanks for your leadership in getting it started and truly owning it. We’re all much better for it!

  3. SSMinnow

    @SoloCup…#TCLAPS for your efforts to start and build this workout…enjoyed the extended run this morning

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