Hill Sprint Sandwich

Three Pax posted for a hill sprint sandwich.

The Thang:

1.5 mile cruise out the front entrance over to Wellington Chase.

Hill sprint repeats on Wellington Chase Drive:

  • Run at 80% up the hill
  • Walk down to the bottom
  • Repeat until 6AM

1.5 mile cruise back to Harris Rd. Middle


  1. HDHH tonight at Pippas from sometime after 8pm until closing.
  2. It’s time to start thinking about the mud run. There will be more information to come but for now, block out your calendar on April 11th and begin thinking about your 4 man team.
  3. Monthly Murph this Monday, 5:30AM, at the Highland Creek Sports Club. If you’ve never been, make this your first one. It’s a great way to meet guys from the MECA Pax and a good measuring stick of progress.


  1. Great hanging out with Uggs and Water Boy this morning. After a month off, it’s also good to be back at running.
  2. Perfect weather for a run this morning.
  3. Keep Law Dawg in your prayers this week as he’s suffering on a Disney Cruise.