Running, Burpees, and Some More Running.

19 of Highlands finest posted for some burpees, sprinting, and upper body work. The approximately 40 degree temperature was perfect for such a beatdown.

SSH x50
Cotton Picker x12
Merkin x15
Burpee x10 OYO

Mosey to base of hill near at the pkwy
-sprint to rock 10 burpees
-run back to base 10 power jumps
-sprint back to rock 10 burpees
-Keep going all the way to the top of the big hill 10 burpees
-run back down to rock 10 power jumps
-run back down to base 10 power jumps

Partner up and cross street to brick wall
-one partner does 10 muscle ups while the other does flutter kicks x3 each partner

Run back across street to base of hill
-one partner does low dolly while the other sprints to rock and back
-switch partners and go to top of big hill next time

mosey to parking lot
-bear crawl b/w light post and burpee broad jump, turn around come back
-lung walk to end of isle and sprint the next distance, switch

-sprint back to COP location for Mary

-circle merk
-mason twist
-elbow plank

-@Pax-Great to see such a large group out today.  Everyone worked really hard and left it all out there.  Great job to the whole Pax
-I know there was a lot of running, keep coming out and you will get faster!  I still have a long way to go before guys like the Nanny don’t just leave me in the dust, but I will keep posting til I get there.
-@Iron Hide- I think I heard you complain at the end about the running, may have something to do with the fact that you ran around 2.5 miles in and 2.5 back home!
-No @Frodo sighting today.  Pretty sure I remember him saying that he was going to recruit some FNG’s and post at Highlands.  Hope all is well Frodo and that it was just a fartsack.
-@Sully-good to see you back out there brother, been too long but you jumped right in!

4 thoughts on “Running, Burpees, and Some More Running.

    1. Gordo

      @Magma, thanks for the lead today. I am sure I was not the only one wondering how high we were going with the SSH! Really challenging and good variety.

  1. The Nanny

    @Magma Burpees were just what by body was looking for after that nonsense at El Dorado yesterday….not! I could not believe who fatigued my legs and arms were today. You hit us hard today with the running WIB style elements; both the rock segment and the muscle ups. Tough workout.

    @Frodo That’s RIGHT!! You did say you were going to show up to a bootcamp today. We had 32 other pax that showed up from your church that were not even on the list Magma included – they all wanted to know why @Frodo fartsacked.

    Was great to see Cochino (sp?), Sully, and Swamp Thing getting after it this morning.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    @Magma – thanks for the total body beatdown this morning. Much needed since I didn’t post yesterday to #ElDorado. It became a little mentle during Burpees and Bear Crawl.

    @Nanny – Why you got to be so hard on @Frodo?

    @Sully Great to see you out this morning, been a while it seems.

    @SwampThing – Stay with it brother!

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