There was running… and almost some splashing

A 40-degree morning with no breeze set a perfect stage for the Sugar Rays to battle at El D, though the temps dropped as most were trying to keep merlot from coming up. It looked easy enough on paper… maybe YHC should put that paper on a roll next to the water closet (Cobains, @Charmin.)

Here’s The Thang that happened… oh, and it happened!
Run the Mantrip Mile to 9628 Poplar Lane. Upon arrival:
– 40 Air Squats
– 3x up and down StH with:
– 10 Diamond Mericans at the top of the 1st trip
– 15 Larry Craigs at the top of the 2nd trip
– 20 Mericans at the top of the 3rd trip
– Cross the bottom of the deck
– 40 Air Squats
– 3x up and down the Mine Shaft with:
– 10 full Heels to Heaven (toes ground to sky) at the top of the 1st trip
– 15 LBC at the top of the 2nd trip
– 20 Pretzel Crunch (10 per side) at the top of the 3rd trip
– 10 One-Legged Burpees at bottom of ramps
– Run up ramps to the top
– 10 One-Legged Burpees (other leg) at the top of the ramps
– Run ramps back down
– Rinse and repeat until 0605
AYG back to the salsa station; First back to the flag with the most laps stands atop the virtual podium until February.


– 3rd F event with The Ridge men immediately follows El D. Double down sometime… you’ll be glad you did.
– Air Force fitness test tomorrow @Tradition (with @Precinct in tow.) Will rotate through the various armed forces tests quarterly. Great measuring stick to track your progress throughout the year
– MudRun info coming soon but mark your calendar (April 11,) spread the word and start forming your team now

Moleskin on the brink
– The Twitter dig worked… @Magma took the bait… and proceeded to take the lead with what I guess was a sub 7:00 opening mile to the deck. Rookie… That only works if you’re @Stoli. Watch the vets like @Minnow work… hang on someone’s shoulder, reel ’em in, then pull away. Major t-claps for hanging strong and persevering brother. Great work.
– I knew something was up with @Frodo… Honking his way into the salsa station then bounds out of his chariot with some whoopin’ and hollerin’ like he was channeling a @Chopper/@Colonel-on-his-pep-pills combo. Was it that you had the day off, knowing that you could pull a @Pavarotti later? Regardless, you used that energy to throw down a strong performance this morning and stand atop the podium.
– Also impressive, though a bit more mellow, were @Stoli, @Nanny, @Minnow (returning off the IR) and @Skipper (also off the IR after a battle with the whiskey flu.) You boys were killing it and clearly pushing it to the brink from the comments on the pre-blast. Glad I wasn’t the only one who found myself standing at the edge of merlot spillage. Had to stop to compose YHCself more than once and choke down the quease-factor. Should know better and model @Ice9… #justkeeprunnin’
– Also Kotters from the IR to this a.m.’s LIFO @Kato… truly GREAT to have you back in the gloom and tough, gritty performance as you battle through the pain. Fantastic surprise to see you join us on StH if you could join us in the parking lot…
– Speaking of coming off the IR… where was @Goggle this a.m.? Icing a football injury or was he flagged by the refs for his touchdown dance on Friday night… the world may never know.
– Perseverance t-claps to @Cupid, @Bling and @BOS. Way to keep chugging ahead, digging deep and refusing to let up. Great job fellas. Keep posting so you can show your six to all the fair weather fartsackers when they return in the spring. Good work – keep it up.

5 thoughts on “There was running… and almost some splashing

  1. Chowder Post author

    One other note… no El Dorado next week. If you love ‘Merica like @Skipper then there’s the Murph. If you’re a #BadBoy, you can get punished by the Mutha. Sometimes it feels good to be bad. #justsayin

  2. Kato

    Great seeing you guys this morning! Sorry to post late. I completely forgot about the construction from Mallard Creek and had to back-track to the highway/Harris to get there this morning.

    I’m always amazed at how fast guys progress at F3. On the other hand, it amazing what even a short time away does to erode that progress away. I had no business being out there this morning in the shape I’m in. The great thing about F3 is I can post anyway and never feel “lesser” in my current state.

    Great workout Chowder….a truly horrible first visit back to El Dorado. Loved it.

  3. Magma

    @Chowder, when you were giving instructions, I thought this was going to be typical El Dorado hard, nothing more…nothing less. After running up Sth the second time I realized I was sadly mistaken and suddenly regretted my sprint in. This was one of the most challenging El Dorado’s I have been too. Great lead.

    @Minnow-good meeting/seeing you again. I’m fairly certain we have crossed paths before somewhere, probably at some CSAUP somewhere.

    @Pax- @Frodo just reminded me the other day “You only get faster by running with faster people.” I always walk away from posting at those CSAUP locations feeling like I accomplished so much mainly because the pax pushes me beyond my limits and challenges me in ways I never expected. I look forward to many, many more with you great men.

  4. SSMinnow

    @Chowder….flat-out for an hour…classic El Dorado! My legs were wanting to call BS at the bottom of STH and the mine shaft – 40 air squats before ascending those beasts…brutal!…..and my hamstrings are still complaining about the single-legged burpees

    @PAX…enjoyed running with all of you again

    @Cupid, @Magma…good to meet both of you

  5. Skipper

    @Chowder – Thanks for the reminder about next Monday Murph. I’ll be in Charleston serving ‘Merica, but I think I’ll have to show those gentlemen down south how we do it in NoCo/MECA at the end of each month. Also, reposting my previous comments below since I got confused on BB/PB.

    @Chowder – Well constructed #ElDorado! I was getting close to #Merlotville also, it’s definitely the burpees (one-legged mind you) and then immediate running.

    @TheNanny – I wanted to catch you, but I couldn’t today. #couldntreeluin

    @SSMinnow – I didn’t want you to catch me, but you did. I was spent for that last trip up the ramps. I guess I’m feeling my age. You’re still a #hate right?! #respect

    @Kato – Great to see you back out in the gloom. U picked an interesting place to test your groin. #gobigorgohome

    @Frodo – As @Google would say #fu #hate

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