Frozen Fog? Freezing Rain? Say it isn’t so….

19 of Highlands faithful joined in the gloom to see what Frozen Fog and Freezing Rain looked like but it stayed in the fartsack this morning along with other men.

Mosey through the parking lot or the Bean as “Bunny” would call it but wait where has he been, I think his annual post is coming up soon.

Pit Stop at the Cul-Du-Sack in the back (see what I just did there?).

SSH x19
IST x19
WindMill x19

Partner up for the following:

Partner Derkins…
Wide Derkins x20 – Switch
10 Burpees Each
Diamond Derkins x20 – Switch
10 Burpees
Regular Derkins x20 – Switch
10 Burpees

Mosey on over to the Basketball Courts Parking Lot

Partner Up for the following:

P1 on one side of the Parking Lot
P2 on the other side of the Parking Lot
Each Partner completes 20 Jump Squats and sprints to the middle to meet their partner and back (4 Rounds)

All Partners on one side of Parking Lot for the following:

P1 runs to other side of parking lot, completes 15 LBC and runs back while P2 completes Merkins. P1 is timer.. (4 rounds)
P1 runs to other side of parking lot, completes 25 jump ups and runs back while P2 completes Squats. P1 is timer.. (4 rounds)

Mosey on down the road for the following:

Bear Crawl
Bear Crawl
Crab Walk
Low Flutter
Crab Walk
Low Dolly

Call it at 0615

1. T-Claps to the men who posted this morning, I mean we were supposed to have Frozen Fog. Who wouldn’t want to see something like that. #Someonemadethatup
2. Welcome to our FNG this morning who posted for the second time and hence forth is now known as RunDown, some movie that The Nanny watched on the “O” or Lifetime channel. No really it’s an action comedy.
3. Those darn Merkins and Burpees at the beginning hurt, who thought that was a great idea. #idot
4. T-Claps to the rucktards also, those men are crazy. I mean walking around the Creek with a backpack of bricks.
5. Have a wonderful day men!

12 thoughts on “Frozen Fog? Freezing Rain? Say it isn’t so….

  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    I am not sure what is going on with the tags but I didn’t realize that MECA was it’s own city… MECA, NC. Interesting… I think someone needs to submit a Change Request.

    1. Gump

      part of that change to the site.. #Cobains to you all for note getting @ForgottenJelly pulled into IT-Q distro group earlier than two days ago.. @AP is doing a great job. we will get it cleaned up

      1. Colonel Mustard Post author

        I am blaming @ForgottenJelly for the poor UAT (User Acceptance Testing). I agree @AP continues to make good progress on the site along with the other Region IT Q’s.

        1. Gump

          Sorry your can’t, he had no time.. it was Oh-by-the-way did you see this email about changes that happened two days ago..

  2. The Nanny

    @Col Mustard That beginning set of partner derkins/burpees was brutal. When you explained it I thought “sounds challenging” but boy did I underestimate it. You smoked our arms, then you smoked our legs with the squat jumps. Then you just messed with our fatigued and tired bodies the rest of the morning. Well done.

    @Rundown A big welcome to you. You got your nickname b/c you showed enough drive and discipline to post twice. I know your goals for this year and I look forward to being there as you succeed; tues/thurs/sat by tues/thurs/sat. Consistency is the key to fitness. Brothers in the gloom is the key to getting your feet over the bed each morning.

    @Iguana You have been a consistent face out there. T-claps for getting it done.

    @Old School Ditto to you my friend from Florida – glad to see you are consistently winning the battle with the warm comfy bed.

  3. Grinder

    Pretty sure I looked like a baby giraffe trying to run after a couple sets of those jump squats. Good stuff today @ColMustard, I’m gonna be feeling that one for a couple days.

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      I wish I could of seen that, I was trying not to trip and fall while running also..

  4. RedRyder

    For all my stops and starts this morning, thanks for Q’ing us through the gloom. BTW, I hit the Freezing Fog on the way up I-26 toward Hendersonville… #FreezingFogIsForReal by the time I got to my parents’ in Pisgah Forest, Traveler (my F150) was shivering.

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      Ok, I saw an official tweet from the news with no # so I guess it is a real thing.

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