Alphabet Soup

So maybe it wasn’t the best planned or executed workout, but there’s definitely potential in the idea.  I agree it didn’t live up to a typical “Skipper Production”, but 10 #Traditionalists survived a decent beatdown with lots of laughs.

The Thang:

Print up the latest version of the “exercises” page from the F3 website and try to learn some fun/new exercises by going through the alphabet.

Warm-up mosey around the church

COP and put @Pharaoh on the spot to lead us in a couple minutes of stretching (this 40 year old needed it)

Pull out my 10 page Weinke and begin:

Alabama Ass-Kickers


Crab Cakes

Dive Bombers

Elevens utilizing the Flying Squirrels and Groiners

Hip Slappers (modified) while Indian running to the daycare parking lot

Jack Webbs

King of Hearts

Lt Dans

(Indian run back to Stonebridge parking lot)

Monkey Humpers

This is where the alphabet stopped and we went off menu to finish the workout because Nicoles are not possible with 6 minutes left in a workout and Ollie Norths weren’t happening either.

Traditional Mary: Low flutter, Rosalita, Hills to Heaven, Mason Twist, Pretzel Crunch

Circle Merk to finish it off

The Alphabet Moleskin:

A. Thanks for putting up with my debacle of a workout today! #laughingWITHme

2. T-Claps to @Gamma who survived his one-on-one with @MajPain on Monday at #Tradition and dared to come back again today. #alwaysapleasure

C. Good luck to @Dingo (and his M who he’s leaving behind with 3 youngest) and his kids who are traveling to Tasmania for 3 weeks. #thatspartofAustralia

D. Regarding the workout, there are many things I could say in this moleskin: lessons learned, funny occurrences, etc. but there are just too many to name and this BB is already late (by MECA standards, I’m actually very early for F3/Charleston) so I’ll let the pax sound off if so inclined. #gottashow2know #slowerpacedownsouth #comments?



7 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. Skipper Post author

    No more 39er, but still a whipper-snapper to some studs at #Tradition today – @Sensei @Maximus, @Guinness and @Pharaoh #respect

  2. The Farm

    After the hilarity of today’s workout this am, I couldn’t wait for this backblast. However, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say (well done, sir). Skipper, I appreciated this workout as it was just the right intensity for me coming off the IR after being on it for a short amount of time. I was nervous about it coming in but happy when I finished with no issues. It’s amazing how much I missed you guys. Happy Birthday Skipper and safe travels for Dingo.

  3. Dingo

    Aye, The Farm is right……..I had so much to write on this be this morning……..but I can’t remember what it was……

    Good job @skipper for showing us how NOT to lead a workout 😉

    Somehow I came away from that workout with my legs burning?? Not sure how that happened?? Maybe from standing around so much……..

    Thanks for the well wishes! I will be F3’less for 3 weeks. But……maybe Kingston, Tasmania needs F3! #internationalplant

  4. BlindDate

    @Skipper — Had a lot of fun and laughs this morning. Definitely learned some exercises that I will remember in the future…and some that I will try to forget.

    @Dingo – Have a great time in Tasmania. 30 hours of traveling will be far more tiring than any of our F3 workouts.

  5. Gamma

    @Skipper – I think this was a strategic delay so we’d all forget the comments we had ready. Either way, the 2nd definitely was in high gear, albeit at your expense. That said, it did get really quiet during the Elevens. Happy Birthday, and great to see you as always.

    @Tradition pax – thanks again for the welcome. Solid group of men.

    @Dingo – praying for you all for a safe trip. Enjoy the time with your daughters. Trust me, with one heading off to college next year, I know how fast the time goes by!

  6. Maximus_MECA

    @Skipper – solid idea regarding the creative exercises – alphabet soup. Great move when the Pax got restless at the Q for the delay in explaining (er… even understanding) the creative exercises you were leading to throw at them an 11 ladder burpee (I know modified burpees – just about the same to me). Have to remember that one – when in doubt – give’m burpees and more burpees.

    1. The Farm

      Those are legit burpees to me! You’re still doing a push-up to get back up. Just in one fluid, coordinated movement. Don’t let Skipper fool you Maximus!

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