Icy Roads Be-where?

Going to bed last night I expected to wake up to icy conditions and thought that there might only be a handful of men meeting me at HCES. This morning, rise and gloom to dry conditions and over two handfuls of men (11)!

The Thang:

Pull up to the parking lot and ask @TheNanny, “What’s your favorite #Cruise route?”

@The Nanny – “201 Central route.”

YHC – “Nah, what else?”

@The Nanny – “Park to park is always a classic”

YHC – “Now your speaking my language.”  And we were off…

Not sure of the final completed distance this AM, but probably around 4.  Lots of good 2nd F, tried to do some extra loops at times to keep the “fast”** guys close by.

Finished with a little stretching, Monkey Humpers (for @Chavez), and a Circle Merk.

The Not-so-Icy Moleskin:

1. It’s not often that the M is awake when I’m leaving for a workout, but today she was acting like my V2.5 checking electronic media for school delays. #noextrasleeping #teachersrule

2. Speaking of extra sleeping, I was able to catch a “@Pavarotti Nap” post workout today thanks to a scheduled HVAC service at the house. #lifeslittlepleasures

3. @Magma and @IronHide were pushing the pace today.  #ElDoradoiscalling

4. Turns out @J-Lo IS the guy I see at church and the kids’ school when I think, “That guy looks like @J-Lo”. #F3gloomcamo

5.  **”Fast” was one of the groups today and the second group was “Faster”. @Chavez had to correct me on that, however for you “non-runners” who are intimidated by such words I assure you there is room for you at the #Cruise.  Also, thanks @Chavez for the Monkey Humper request and its great to have you back in the gloom. #askanduwillreceive

6. Keep up the streak @OldSchool…that is streak as in consecutive posts, not streak as in how you probably got your F3 name. #clothingmanditory

7. @RedRyder – Glad you listened to God this morning and posted #Heknows #Hespeaks #CanwehearHim

8. @IronHide – I’m sorry you had to overhear the crockpot recipe exchange between me and @TheNanny. #hesgoodwithkidstoo

9. @Chowder – Good luck on your web search today…

10. @Glock is the man who, unlike his name can be quiet, but like his name is always deadly. #solid

11.  If only we could get @Gordo to smile once in a while. #alwaysenjoypostingwithfatbaby

#GodisGood  Ahoy!


10 thoughts on “Icy Roads Be-where?

  1. Magma

    @skipper- great lead today, enjoyed the route!

    I have to say my favorite part of todays run was when we were about to make the left onto HC pkwy from clarkes Creek Pkwy and I get a faint odor of something that smelled like a little slice of heaven. Then I remembered that the Laurels and the Haven were directly to our right and realized that they were likely cooking some scrumptuous breakfast including the most important part of that being BACON. That smell of bacon inspired me to finish the run strong so I could get home and tell the M to cook us some. Anyone else smell it?

    1. The Nanny

      Oh yea. They seem to always be spewing out delicious bacon smells whenever I run by there in the AM. That is the origin story behind a tradition of mine at the Drescher Casa; Big Breakfast Wednesday. Today’s menu was bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, and french press coffee. Oh…and there is no “telling the M to cook us some” in Nannyland. The Nanny does breakfast for the fam.

  2. The Nanny

    @Skipper Enjoyed the birthday week lead. T-claps on making the calls re: loop backs and traffic circle laps to keep the group together this morning.

    @Magma I keep finding you at the front of the pack. Nice work.

    @Chavez Was great having you back out with us. Come back soon…

    Someone famous once said “Crockpot transfers that happen in the gloom, stay in the gloom.”

  3. Chowder

    What’s a guy gotta do to earn a moleskin hashtag from @Skipper? First El Dorado, then today… #morehashtagenvy #stillwhining

    Good work today fellas. Just posting was victory #1… conditions are NEVER as bad as we imagine they will be. Plus it makes you that much more thankful for being blessed with heat in our homes. Keep the Cruise posts going @RedRyder and @OldSchool… it does get easier.

    I’ll have to put the word out to the Bradford Staff on Wednesdays that the Nanny.0s have had a pot of French Press Coffee. Does Sage get extra feisty?

    Happy Bday again @Skip… half way through your six pack of Birthday Qs. Looking forward to seeing everyone out on Saturday to help him wrap it up.

    As for “telling the M to fry you up some bacon,” do you want to reveal the truth about how things go down en su casa, @Magma or should I?

    1. Magma

      hey hey hey, I call the shots in this house!

      “What’s that M, you need me to come clean the kitchen, take out the trash, cook dinner, and go to the store? Ok no problem I’ll be right there!”

      Sorry guys gotta go

      1. Chowder

        Actually @Magma, I was referring to the Tuesday evening grocery run… 730p, about 29 degrees with a slight mist/drizzle as I make my way across the Harris Teeter parking lot. After securing my items, I make my way down the baking aisle to see none other than @Magma whose M had dispatched him to track down dairy free, gluten free (and I’m assuming also taste-free and probably organic) brownie mix to satisfy her evening craving. Anyway, Harry’s didn’t carry it, so back out into the cold, dark, damp gloom he goes on his mission to fulfill his M’s request which was accomplished at Trader Joe’s. I shouldn’t give poor @Magma a hard time… my arms were laden with items on my honey-go list… ice cream, chocolate syrup, etc. Note, neither of us are on the #FuelChallenge.

  4. RedRyder

    #Tclaps to @OldSchool for not leading me down the fairway path and back to HCES.
    Ready! Fire! Aim? RedRyder…see you in the Thursday gloom.

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