15 PAX entered a classic foggy gloom of 40F.  PAX broken into 2 WODS 1.0 and 2.0.

WOD 1.0 Q Indiana


Mosey with Stone to Carolina Mall

Burpees x 5
Plank Jacks x 15
Burpees x 5
High Knees x 15
Burpees x 5


FILTHY 50 (50 Reps of each of the following done in COP)

HAND release Merkins
Prisoner Squats
CDD (Carolina Dry Docks)
Bench press
Alt Leg V ups with stone
Alt supermans

Mosey back to AO with stone for MARY

WOD 2.0 Q EXIT 54
PAX: Underbite, Stroke, Busted Wheel, Josh Starnes (FNG)
  • Mosey to the upper lot, circle up
  • SSH x 25 (IC)
  • Cotton pickers x 15 (IC)
  • Air squats x 20 (IC)
  • Arm/shoulder stretch
  • Arm circles
  • Standard merkens x 20
  • Tricep chin-ups (palms facing forward) x 5
  • Wide-arm merkens x 20
  • Bicep chip-ups (palms facing you) x 5
  • Military merkens (keep your elbows by your side) x 20
  • Close-grip chin-ups (hands together on the bar, palms facing forward) x 5
  • Decline merkens (feet on your rock) x 20
  • Bent-over rows w/ rock x 20
  • Two-phase merkens (start in a downward dog position, move to cobra position, back to downward dog) x 10
  • Deadlifts w/ rock x 20
  • One-arm merkens (laying on your side, push-up with opposite arm) x 10 each arm

MARY WITH ALL PAX 1.0 and 2.0

6 inches with alternating low flutter 1 minute
Planks with side plank variations and leg raises 1.5 minutes
Maison Twist x 20

  • Stroke is a machine when it comes to rows and deadlifts.  Must be his rowing background.  Q was winded after the bent-over row set but Stroke was asking for more reps.
  • Great effort by all on the chin-ups.  We had a few bad rotator cuffs in our group but everyone knocked out the reps with help from a partner.
  • Welcome to FNG Josh Starnes.  We’ll give him another couple of outings in the 2.0 workout, but he’s pretty much ready to run with the varsity.
  • Congrats to Busted Wheel on two of his kids getting married recently.  Also keep his father Tom Simpson aged 97 years in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Welcome to Ma Bells 2.0 Luke Hulburt age 18 that joined us this day as a hate hate hate FNG
  • Not much chatter during the filthy 50, Cujo a little, Catfish a little
  • Q of 1.0  was dead having to call cadence during the 50 with serious lake of O2
  • Great turnout and great effort to POST by all

Carry on, set goals, make it happen, RINSE AND REPEAT OFTEN