Swinging (weights) in the Rain (at Tradition)

I knew I got there a little early, but didn’t expect an empty lot. After double checking I had the right workout location for #SWAT, I mentally prepared for a solo post at a foreign AO. Fortunately, Major Payne was in town and saved the day.

SSH x15
ISS x10

The Thang
4 Burpees
8 Alternating KB Merkins, 4 Burpees
12 KB Clean/Press, 8 Alternating KB Merkins, 4 Burpees
16 KB Hammer Curls, etc.
20 KB Lawn Mowers, etc.
24 KB Single Arm O/H Press, etc.
28 KB Skull Crushers (repeat disclaimer), etc.
(skipped 32 and 36 in the interest of time)
40 KB Chest Presses, etc.

All told, we completed 32 Burpees, 56 Alt KB Merkins, 72 KB Clean/Presses, 80 KB Hammer Curls, 80 KB Lawn Mowers, 72 KB O/H Presses, 56 KB Skull Crushers and 40 KB Chest Presses.

LBC w/KB x25
Low Flutter w/KB pressed x15

Small COT

1. Been to SWAT once before and had a good size group of dedicated men. So there are a few possible explanations: a) afraid of the guest Q, b) don’t like the guest Q, c) afraid of the cold and rain or d) just bad luck. I’ll go with d) as I don’t see the Tradition pax being afraid of anything and it usually takes at least a few posts to not like this Q!

2. Great catching up with Major Payne, mostly about family. He’s defintely raised a couple of very impressive young men!


4 thoughts on “Swinging (weights) in the Rain (at Tradition)

  1. MajorPain

    Gamma, thanks for coming out to Q! I enjoyed, it was nice catching up also. I have to make it out to Harrisburg.

  2. Dingo

    Gamma! What can I say‚Ķ.. Thank you for Q’ing at Tradition today! I know the fartsack won the battle for me this morning. Not sure about the SWAT diehards though??

  3. Skipper

    @Gamma – thanks for making the trip to be @Maj Pain’s personal trainer. I like how you worked up to 40 KB chest presses in honor of my birthday.

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