Who knew Burpees could keep us warm??

6 of Tradition’s finest and bravest converged on the AO for a B.O.M.B. workout that attempted to keep us warm.  The wind definitely made it seem colder than yesterday, but YHC had some ideas in mind to counter that.


Rack Kettle bell and walk around an island in the parking lot

IST x15

Cotton Picker X15

Arm Circles

Arm Stretches


The Thang:

KB Swings x20

Burpees x5

KB Curls x20

Burpees x10 (Buckwheat says, is this a theme?? YHC responds no)

KB Squat Press x20

Burpees x5

KB Pullovers x20

Burpees x10 (Okay Buckwheat, you got me!)

KB Clean and Press x10 each arm

Burpees x5


We had a little extra time, so I decided to have the Pax decide which workouts to do again:

Buckwheat – KB Swings x20

Chicken Strip – KB Squat and Press x20

Dutch – KB Pullovers x20



Airborne Mindbender for 1 minute

LBC with KB in hand x30

Mason Twist with KB x15

Low Flutter with KB x10

Low Dolly with KB x10

I asked Maximus to give us a Mary exercise, and he mentioned WWII Sit Ups.  I then remembered a nice exercise Buckwheat mentioned, so I called an audible:

Derby Double Tap (Pullover with KB into WWII Situp) x10

Then, I honored Maximus’ request for WWII Situps x10

Elbow Plank for 1 min


Frozen and Frosty Moleskin:

1) I like leading the KB workouts.  Definitely an opportunity I appreciate, and thanks for pushing hard today men.

2) Big props to @Dutch for suggesting we move out of the wind tunnel we were standing in this morning.  The wind was definitely brutal today, and the tree cover definitely helped.

3) Still praying for @Bushmaster’s family.  Thank you for the updates @Buckwheat.

3 thoughts on “Who knew Burpees could keep us warm??

  1. Chicken Strip

    Great workout @Gangsta’s Paradise! I kinda liked the burpees, they kept us moving in the cold.

    And good call @Dutch to move out of the wind, sorry we doubted you at first!

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Great job Gangsta. I was ready for the cold, glad we got out of the wind thanks to @Dutch, but I was not ready for all those burpees! Had me winded. Good surprise – when they were done!

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