Best/Worst Beep Test Ever…

You want the beep test? You can’t have the beep test!

Welcome news to some… disappointing news for those not named @Nanny.

The plan was all set to start 2015 Speed by putting a stake in the ground so we can measure our progress by breaking out the beep test in the gloom. However, Jack Frost had other plans. Hours before launch, word comes down from high (or at least from @Schultz’s Twitter account) that the co-Q’s pipes had busted… no, he didn’t overdo Merk-vember. Heck, he didn’t even under-do Merk-vember. Instead, the newlyweds little love-nest had flooded with a ruptured water heater and plumbing thanks to the recent Arctic blast. So, despite everyone’s (except @The_Pansy’s) excitement, the beep test would have to wait. Next man up…

The Thang
– Warm up mile (reverse firehouse loop) at fellowship pace to get the blood flowing
– Turn L. on HCP and gather at the base of Skyline
– At 5k race pace, run up Skyline to 2nd cul-de-sac on left (~0.25 miles)
– Continue at recovery pace back to base of Skyline
– At 5k race pace, turn L. on HCP and run two blocks to intersection with Fairvista (~0.5 miles)
– Turn around an run back to base of Skyline at recovery pace; re-group
– Repeat both intervals (hill and flat) one more time; re-group
– Still had some time left so did one final Skyline loop
– Recovery pace up HCP and cut in rabbit hole back to launch


– Tradition Tour-de-Pain – 5k, Murph, 10k – back to back to back… well sort of. Recovery provided in between. Faster you go = more recovery time.

Beepless Moleskin:
– Great job today brothers… way to adjust on the fly and still push yourselves.
– Sorry to disappoint those who were looking for the beep test. We’ll break it out again soon (just don’t tell @Nanny)
– Great to have @AxeEffect join us… his name required some ‘splainin’ to the non-hate-hate-hates and near-respects; Looking forward to you becoming a regular with us.
– @Frodo – Looks like you are picking right up where you left off after your “week off due to illness”; it didn’t seem to slow you down one bit
– @Nanny and @Stoli… right on Frodo’s heels as usual… YHC had dreams of running with you guys at Run the Creek 2015 (March 21st – mark your calendars); this morning turned that into YHC’s nightmare… maybe 2016 instead.
– @Colonel and @Nanny had some sort of Freaky Friday body swap thing happen on the final Skyline ascent with @Colonel shot out of a cannon and @Nanny chasing from behind
– @Pav – good work brother – way to stick with it. Only way to get faster… keep posting with faster men. Persevere and it will pay off.
– Looks like Fourtitude and Team 1234 are already in MudRun (April 11) prep mode. Where was your team? And where were Flyby or Chavez?

1 thought on “Best/Worst Beep Test Ever…

  1. Skipper

    Great to see that @Axe Effect made his way over to #Speed!

    Regarding future/make-up Beep Test, we could do it Jan 23rd since I have the Q that day. Oh wait, does pre-blast advertising help or hurt Beep Test attendance? What I meant was, we 😉 won’t 😉 be doing the Beep Test in 2 weeks.

    Did I ever tell you guys about the time @Frodo brought the Beep Test to Haiti?! #Jerkstore

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