F3 Concord Backblast – Homestead Beatdown


Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

\Mosey to Portico

Mosey to firePit
Step ups

Mosey to HillSide
Jacob’s Ladder (by 5’s)
Prisoner Squats 30x,20x,10x,
butt skoots up
LBCs 25x, 15x, 5x
Bear Crawl Down

Mosey to Picnic Shelter
Thread the picnic benches (burpies while waiting)

Mosey to lower Parking lot
Suicides using parking lines
Mosey to Pull up bars
pullups with assist (10X) 3 sets

Mosey to RockPile
ManMakers 10x

LBC’s 20x
one Min Plank


10 degrees, muchachos!  Close to our record post of 7 in 2014.

Butt Skooters  – in sitting position with legs in front of you , simply scoot up the hill.  Sorry Cujo missed it.  certainly unblocks the glands!

Ever seen those new commercials for The Flash?  They got that by watching Exit54 do suicides. Had to send KGB after him to tell us what that flickering was.

Man down at the pullup bars,  apparently there is a small stump underneath that Exit landed on.  We buried his ankle there and spoke kind words around it.

Thanks for letting me push you guys.  I’m the one who benefitted.