Concentrated Effort – Tabata bing Tabata boom

9 hardy Stoners braved the sub-freezing temperatures of the coldest day of the year, putting forth concentrated efforts at strengthening themselves!

The Thang

Concentrated Effort – Tabata
Skips, Butt kickers, Hi Knees, Lunges

SSH x 20
Cotton Pickers x 16
IST x 12

Mosey to front of school
Tabata Intervals 20 sec work – 10 sec rest
Burpees x 8 sets
Mason Twist x 8 sets
Dips x 8 sets
Jump Squats x 8 sets
Merkins x 8 sets
Lunges x 8 sets
Mountain Climbers x 8 sets

Homer to Marge Medley

4 thoughts on “Concentrated Effort – Tabata bing Tabata boom

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    @Rolling Stone – Guys great work today to man up in spite of the cold! Thanks for letting me lead and for listening to me afterwards. I encourage you to put the same intensity, the same concentrated effort you expended today to build your bodies into building your walk in faith. Don’t let ‘drift’ be your mode of influence in life. Concentrate your efforts on your direction, on your faith.

  2. WaterBoy

    Awesome to work out with you Men today. Don’t forget to sign up for a Q. Don’t doubt you are ready…There are plenty of guys who helped me plan it out.
    @schnitzel thinking of you and hope to see you soon.
    @Kato hope recovery is going well.
    Great to have 9 today guys!

  3. LawDawg

    @Pharaoh, thanks for taking the Q and a special thanks for the truth bomb at the COT.

    Great to see everyone this am. It’s cliche, but I never regret a workout even when it’s hard to get there because of lack of sleep or weather, etc…

    @Chowder, thanks for coming by. Always enjoy your 2ndF, requests for dream interpretations notwithstanding.

  4. Pox

    It was cold but despite having to thaw my toes I dont regret showing. My only regret is we didn’t quite reach double digits so law dawgs New Years resolution has already been broken. Hope to see eggplant peanut butter. Schnitzel and Kato soon.

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