12chilly degrees on 1/8/2015 – so what? let’s have a picnic!

9 of Traditions bravest bundled up for a Dutch bootcamp VQ – it was no picnic, but kinda was…. After an attempt at a funny with a lame disclaimer – we set off for a little mosey, circled up for some warm-o-rama then  off to the outback for a pic-I-nic of pain.


Mosey to around church to back parking lot ( all IC)

Dutch Windmills ( as demonstrated by Dingo at prior workouts) x12

IST x12

CP x12

arm circles – forward/ backward

Held off on the SSH for the COP later on

To the Outback – where the PAX pulled out the picnic tables to be used as pain stations – for 3 circuits of pain – in reps of 12-1-8-20-15  to reflect the temperature and the date  the coldest day of the year… so far.

Circuit 1:  dips at picnic table – run to hill for CDD’s

Circuit 2: step ups at Picnic table – run to hill for hand release merkins

Circuit 3: Derkins at picnic table – run to hill for V squats (or roof raise squats- per Gangsta)

Circle up for some progression of pain – 13-12-11-10-9… oops out time. – ONJ was happy about that!!

SSH then WWII’s then Merkins – in rapid succession – YHC was “in the zone and forgot to call out when next exercise was starting…. correction by Master Q Dingo- thanks for the reminder!

Back to Pkg lot for some MARY ( all IC)

LBC x12

Low Flutter x12

Freddy Merc x 12

Wrap up BOM – Thanks Buckwheat for bringing up the prayer request for our brother bushwacker and family as the mourn the  loss of mom – praying for HIS peace and sense of presence in their lives.



8 thoughts on “12chilly degrees on 1/8/2015 – so what? let’s have a picnic!

  1. Dutch Post author

    Thanks for showing up guys and it was a pleasure to lead – the weather was surprisingly mild for being 12degrees – maybe we are getting more used to it in our highly fit physical conditions! – right Maximus?

    Buckwheat – I hope the decision to peel off from R Stone to Tradition was a painful picnic for you!

    Appreciate all my brothers at F3 – keep pushing through the winter months to come out this spring more fit than ever!

    1. Buckwheat

      Good Q @Dutch. Definitely glad I made the last minute switch of AO’s! I always like a good, creative beatdown, even in frigid temps. Usually there is food at picnics. I think you should bring some breakfast to your next picnic, for afterwords of course!

      Thanks for everyone’s prayers this morning for @Bushmaster and his family.

  2. Gangsta's Paradise

    Awesome lead @Dutch! The constant motion of this workout definitely took our minds off the frigid temps. Loved the theme as well. Great job!

  3. Chicken Strip

    Great Q @Dutch! It was great to keep moving and loved the creative circuits you did. I also love to hate derkins so thanks for including those.

    I do have one complaint though, my car said it was 9 degrees when we left, can I get a refund for those extra 3 reps I did on all those exercises?

  4. Maximus_MECA

    Great workout Dutch! Very creative. My observaton for the day is that when it is 12 degrees out I sweat less than when it is 70 degrees and humid. I think the sweat may freeze before it can get out. Anyways – I love these cold workouts – your body gets to workout twice – once to handle the exercise and once to handle the cold. What I have been trying to say is you build up a tolerance for it – kind of like drinking beer!

  5. Dingo

    Good workout Dutch! Kept us warm on a cold morning! I liked the creativity.

    One word of advice……..don’t ever underestimate what your F3 brothers are capable of!

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