You choose your cruise

11 PAX came together on a lovely and cold Wednesday morning all bundled up to go on a cruise. The PAX were given three options as routes to match as close to their desired pace.

Group 1 route – (about 3.5 miles – 10-12 min pace) went something like this:

– Take trail from parking lot and take a right on HC Pwky (towards Eastfield)

– Right on Clark Creek Pwky

– Right on Millstream Ridge Dr (described by some as having a small and short easy hill)

– Right on Christenbury Rd

– Left on HC Pwky and finish back at the parking lot

Group 2 route – (about 4.5 miles – 8:30-10 min pace) went something like this:

– Take trail from parking lot and take a left on HC Pwky

– Left on Shelly Ave

– Left on Ridge Rd

– Left on Street Ave.

– Left on Dogwood

– Left on HW Pkwy and follow Group 1’s route

Group 3 route – (about 5.4 miles – 7-8:30 min pace) went something like this:

– Take trail from parking lot and take a left on HC Pwky

– Left on Skyline and loop around all of Skyline

– Right on HC Pwky

– Right on Shelly Ave and the follow Group 2’s route

The idea is for Group 2 to eventually catch up with Group 1 and Group 3 with Group 1 and 2.

The Moleskin:

We had two men run the Group 1 route, one intending to run Group 2 but went with a modified Group 1 route, and the rest of the 8 ran a Group 3 route.  The mileage is not the entire story since we have had to climb some serious hills which eventually gave the Q some trouble.

I hope everyone got the push they wanted!  Glad to see several PAX hot in a cold morning after a hard push.


Special workout at Tradition this Saturday (5k + Murph + 10k)

3rd F Tonight @ Chowders at 8PM


5 thoughts on “You choose your cruise

  1. Gordo Post author

    Thank everyone for following along. Group 1 and Group 3 PAX generally had the pace and mileage as intended. I heard on the post run chatter a few nearing a 7 minute pace, with one or two making added loops checking on the PAX in the back (me).

    @Chowder thanks for hanging back with me and pushing me at the end. @Frodo, not sure which bush you were waiting behind on the dark long hill on Millstream, but I welcomed the extra company as I tried to get going up the hill.

  2. Google

    @Gordo.. Thanks for leading the group today. First time I ran that route all in one run…that was a truly humbling run. The pace set by @ Frodo was intense to say the least. However, I loved every second of it! @ Col Mustard thanks for pacing me in the last mile. I needed it after bonking on MillStream.

  3. Magma

    Enjoyed it this morning! I deviated from the group 3 pax cause I couldn’t hang with a 7 minute pace. Ended up doing a little over 5. The cruise has turned into Wednesday speed!

  4. The Nanny

    @Gordo T-claps on a brutal format for the Cruise. Everyone was challenged at their level which is perfect. I agree with comments above that it felt like Friday Speed! I think another testament to the intensity of today’s run was that both Ironhide and Frodo asked me for a ride home. That does not happen every day!

    @Ironhide Good running with you this morning. Not much chatter as our faces were frozen and we were out of breath, but awesome to have a brother to suffer side by side with.

    @Frodo I kept you right where I like you. Just ahead of me within reach if I feel frisky late in a beatdown. Well…I think I let you get too far ahead on Millstream b/c I never did catch you! Great effort out there today and t-claps for circling back, doing extra mileage, to give encouragement to some other guys.

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