The 700 Club

13 PAX lead each other in an impromptu Q school on a frosty morning at the Ridge

 Warm Up
  • SSH x 10
  • Slow Windmills x 10
  • Imperial Storm Troopers x 10
 The Thang
  • 10 x Merkins, 10 x Squats, 10 x Mountain Climbers – Repeato (each stop on the map)

10 Burpees after stops 1-3 (cut short due to time constraints)



  • 10 x LBC
  1. It was a pleasure to lead WITH you this morning. You are all ready to Q a post. Let Deuce know when you want to start (I’m side-eyeing you Short Circuit and InTheMood)
  2. In a time when it seems there is a shortage of quality young men, Fabio stands out. He has an outstanding attitude and a strong work ethic.   #SomeOneIsDoingSomethingRight.  Just need to get his Dad out of the car.
  3. BBQ led the pack (as per usual) with another strong performance. Official tally: 20 SSH, 20 Windmills, 20 Imperial Storm Troopers, 20 LBC, 30 Burpees, 200 Merkins, 200 Squats, 200 Mountain climbers (710 reps)  2 Miles
  4. SS Minnow is going to lead off-the-books speed workouts on Fridays, 0530 at the Hickory Ridge Middle School Track. All speeds welcome.
  5. I am thinking of taking up a collection for new alarm clocks for needy PAX members…maybe even some glove warmers for the more delicate amongst us…Hope to see you soon




6 thoughts on “The 700 Club

  1. Gamma

    @SoloCup – great workout. Tough to get 700 reps and 2+ miles in that short of a time, all the while teaching cadence! Nice job all around.

  2. Billy Goat

    Looked like a great one. Is it March yet? I’ll take full body warmers…..#notafraidofwhatthePAXthinks #beencalledworse

    1. BBQ

      @Billy Goat – it’s been a while. Don’t be afraid to come back out. Trust me, the sweat was dripping within a few minutes of us moving.

      1. Billy Goat

        Thanks BBQ, just won a bet with your response….good to know the PAX so well. 🙂
        And side note…@Gamma….I have a south-sider in EH stage, you guys can talk Greg Luzinski, Harold Baines and Ozzie Guillen.

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