Short Circuit

Apparently there was some dystocia at The Farm this morning?!  But calling in a Dingo to deal with a problem like this may not have been the best call.  14 men came out to help, 13 for a beatdown, 1 for a solo run.

Mosey to Daycare

Circle up

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 20 x IST

Mosey to Office park

Teams of 3

All circuits start in far back corner

Circuit #1

  1. Sprint to road
  2. Bear crawl first building
  3. Burpee Broad Jump second Building
  4. Crab Walk 3rd building

Circuit #2

  1. Snake run through Buildings
  2. 10 x muscle ups to enter pass through
  3. 20 x dips on bench
  4. 10 x muscle ups to leave pass through

Circuit #3

  1. Sprint to side parking lot
  2. 10 burpees
  3. forward/backward run through parking spaces
  4. 10 burpees
  5. forward backward run through parking spaces
  6. 10 burpees

Plank or Mary in corner until both team mates return

Each team member performs all 3 circuits

Mosey back to Daycare

SSH x 15

Mosey back to Chuch

Burpees x 5


  1. Pretzel crunch x 20
  2. Low flutter x 10
  3. Low Dolly x 10
  4. The W x 15
  5. LBC x 10

The Bloody Moleskin;

  1. Not sure what Dystocia is?  Google it…….
  2. It was an honor to step in and Q for the Farm at the last minute.  Rest up brother!
  3. It was a little complicated this morning, but you guys worked through it!
  4. Highlight of my morning was when Dutch said “I thought I was doing really well when I was one of the first to finish, then Jelly told me I skipped half the circuit…..I guess i shouldn’t follow Kemosabe”
  5. Happy Birthday ONJ!!

13 thoughts on “Short Circuit

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    I googled Dystocia (thankfully SFW), and it appears to be a shoulder injury? It did mention it being prevalent in animals, so maybe it was at The Farm?? In any case, hope you heal up soon brother!

    Way to lead a tough one @Dingo. I also hated #1, but I think they all brought pretty equal amounts of pain and toughness. Nice job!

    1. The Farm

      Thanks GP. I googled it this morning and I’m confused! I saw something about prolonged birth in animals. Although I did not work out this morning, @Dingo has given my brain a thorough beat down!

  2. Maximus_MECA

    It was a really good workout. Think I got every muscle in my body used this morning. #3 was toughest for me – bear crawls and crabwalks – have away to go to do them.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Great workout @Dingo. I really pushed myself and I’m glad I did.

    @Dutch – Don’t follow Kemosabe anymore. Raptor and I were confused when you guys didn’t show up.

    So I googled dystocia too and the definition I found was more about an obstructed labor. I didn’t know you were pregnant The Farm. As you would be one of just a handful of men in history, let’s run with this and make some money!!

    1. The Farm

      I like how the first thing Jelly thinks about is the money without congratulating me first! I’m smartsacking to fix some lower back issues that started last week after Iron Fist and then flared up big time yesterday after Raptor’s KB beat down. From what I’ve read online and learned from others, it is hopefully a strained muscle that needs time to heal. So it’s sort of like obstructed labor.

  4. Chicken Strip

    Awesome workout @Dingo, I love a good circuit based workout that keeps you moving. I agree Circuit 1 was the toughest although I was hurting on the last muscle ups on Circuit 2.

    @Blind Date – Thanks for partnering with me on the circuits. It’s always nice to have somebody to encourage and challenge you.

    I mentioned to a couple guys that the Summerville, SC Big Bang Kick-off had 98 PAX and 51 FNGs! Here’s the article here:

    My brother joined F3 that day and got the name Ralph. You’ll have to ask @Forgotten Jelly if you need an explanation on his name.

    Get better soon @The Farm. After some of the responses on the Googling I decided to pass and got it straight from the horses or Farm’s mouth. Looks like @Gangsta’s Paradise was closest with a shoulder muscle injury.

  5. BlindDate

    Great workout @Dingo. I have to agree with the others in that each circuit brought some much needed pain to different muscles. Crab walk is always a fun one for me — not sure if it is my height that gets in the way or just bad mechanics. Either way, it must look terribly awkward to anyone watching but hopefully provides a good laugh.

    @Chicken Strip” — way to push through it. Enjoyed it.

  6. Dingo Post author

    Dystopia refers to complications when a cow is giving birth. Therefore the farmer(in this case The Farm) would not be able to leave the cow for fear of her dying. Therefore he would have to forego his long awaited Q!

    Simple really…….did no one else grow up on a farm?

    1. Gangsta's Paradise

      Ah, no wonder I couldn’t find what dystopia means. I wasn’t using the Australian spelling. #languagebarrier

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