What Happened at Tradition Didn’t Stay There….

Eight of Highland’s mettle loving pax members met in the cool, clear gloom for a repeato of Friday’s beatdown at Tradition led by YHC. I received good feedback (from both the Tradition Pax and my sore body), so I decided to introduce it to the Highlands pax today!

In the spirit of New Year’s, the 20 or 15 rep workout went a little something like this…

Mosey around lot
Windmill X15IC
Cotton Picker X15IC
Arm Circles
Shoulder Stretch
Hamstring Stretch

The Thang:
Sumo Squat w/ High Pull X20
Halos X15
Flutter Chest Press X20IC
Standing Shoulder Press X20
Calf Raises w/ KB X20
Standing Chest Press Variation X 15 (front-5, right-5, left-5)

Rack KB and walk to roundabout and back for cool down

Curls X20
KB Merkin w/ Feet Together X10 (each arm)
Tricep Extensions X20
Pullover w/ Chest Press X15
KB Swing X15
Bent Rows X15 (each arm)

Mosey to playground w/ KB
15 Step Ups w/ KB on picnic table (each leg)
15 Incline Merkins on wall, rail, or picnic table
15 Derkins on wall, rail, or picnic table

Mosey back to parking lot w/ KB
Squat Press X15
Curls X20
Clean and Press X10 (each arm)
Front Shoulder Raise X15
Shrugs X20
High Pull X15

Rack KB and walk to roundabout and back for cooldown

Lunges X15 (each leg)
Figure 8’s X20 (10 each side)
Bent Over Tricep Extension X15 (each arm)

Mason Twist w/ KB X15 (Gangsta)
LBC’s w/ Bell X15
Derby Double Taps (WWII Sit up w/ Bell) X15


It was a pleasure leading this morning, men. Thanks for the opportunity.
Hope everyone feels this one today and tomorrow. I know I will!
T-Claps to Red Ryder’s PR: Able to do all reps during workout!!!!! Thanks for bringing us home as well.
Welcome back from hiatus, Juevos. Keep coming back!
Good to see you posting regularly at Mettle, Conchito.
Extra credit for anyone who can tell us what BOM means. Red Ryder is asking.

10 thoughts on “What Happened at Tradition Didn’t Stay There….

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    BallOfMan: A gaggle of men standing tightly together, usually, but not always, in prayer. Also, #BOM.

    Does this mean I get extra credit even though I didn’t post?

    1. Buckwheat Post author

      Sure, the extra credit for Fartsackers is 20 burpees, OYO! Thanks for the through explanation.

  2. RedRyder

    Hey, Forgotten Jelly… thanks for teachin’ the #WarDaddy (i.e., me) what #BOM means. My life is enriched.

    Buckwheat (and all of my faithful F3 bro’s) … thanks for running point this morning. MRedRyder is glad you made us do extra curls.

    PAX… I’ll post this in “Needful things”. but I’m looking for a used 25# KB. If you have one you are willing to sell, please let me know.

  3. Buckwheat Post author

    @RedRyder: Glad the M approves of the extra curls. Hopefully the KB Swings help out at home, too…..

    I don’t know of anyone selling a KB,but Academy Sports at Derita and Concord Mills Blvd. usually has them for $.96/lb.

    1. The Farm

      Not usually that cheap gents. That’s when they’re on sale. Unfortunately, they just had a sale a few weeks ago…

      I was confused when I saw Tradition in the title! Buckwheat is a traveling Q!

      1. Buckwheat Post author

        I stand corrected, AGAIN! Sorry @ RedRyder, I saw KB’s for $.96/lb a few weeks ago and assumed they were still on sale. @The Farm is correct, they are no longer on sale at Academy. SORRY! However, they put them on sale frequently so there will probably be another sale soon.

        @The Farm – Sorry for the confusion…. I get around! I actually started F3 at Highlands, but end up at Tradition more now than Highlands due to KB’s and Iron Fist. I also visit Rolling Stone occasionally. I like to visit different AO’s to truly experience the benefits of F3!

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