El Dorado With Stone (Con Piedra)

13 PAX posted this day to be ground down on the Big Ball with distance and stone.

THE TWIST: Each PAX grabs a PAVER ( These varied from as little as 6 lbs to almost 20lbs)

Mosey Indian file with Stone to far parking deck with Indian Run (1 mile)


At bottom of Stairway to Heaven ( 15 weighted alternate leg V ups with arm in full extension at top with Stone)

Run up Stairway to Heaven with Stone over head and arms in extension ONE STEP AT A TIME – 100 steps

At top of Heaven do 15 MANMAKERS ( place stone under chest, do Mercan, Grab stone as you come up going from full squat to standing position ending with push press with stone over head) REPEAT x 15

Staying on top deck mosey with stone to entrance to MINESHAFT and begin Mineshaft Suicides dropping to LEVEL 5 and doing 5 Curl/Push Press with Stone, Run back up to top level with Stone over head ONE STEP AT A TIME, then back down to LEVEL 4 and doing 10 Curl/Push Press with Stone, RINSE AND REPEAT UNTIL AT LEVEL 1 doing 25 Curl/PP.

At Bottom run with stone back to START at Bottom of Stairway to Heaven and begin weighted V ups x 15.


Circle up at Bottom of Stairway.  Place Stone on Ground. Go 2 positions to your right and say hello to your new Stone for the ONE MILE INDIAN RUN BACK

As final salt in dey wounds PAX runs stairs with Stone over head coming out WEST entrance to football complex before crossing 29.


1. Great turnout for a grinder.  This was meant to mix it up and challenge the many Sugar Rays that barely break a sweat.  Where is the SS Minnow? Have not seen in several weeks.  Distance varied between 2.8-3.4 miles based on data from 2 GPS watches.  2.8 was caboose for sure and was your friendly Q who will be a RESPECT in 3 weeks. Chowda did not appreciate Qs gas although it was a gift given with love.  Many were in their 4th circuit when time called. Great work.  You will see this again so make it a goal next time to choose a heavier stone.  It is not about the race it is about you and only you and the Big Ball and Him and how you play the game.  Stuart Scott of ESPN fame passed yesterday after a long battle with cancer at age 49 and his words this summer at the Espy’s about fighting cancer are prescient and can be transferred into many aspects of life. I dedicate this El Dorado to the memory of Stuart Scott and the man that he was and the manner in how he lived his life until it was time to go.  

“When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.” Stuart Scott July 2014

6 thoughts on “El Dorado With Stone (Con Piedra)

  1. SSMinnow

    @Indiana – work’in my way back into El Dorado shape after an out-of-the-blue back issue…won’t be long…I’ll have to say though, that carrying a rock over your head for an El Dorado workout is the most devious El Dorado I can recall. I prefer workouts like Chowder’s up and down El Dorado from last August.

    Very strong work by all who posted!

    1. Colonel Mustard

      Maybe the back issue was caused by that forged steel hammer you placed on your back while completing Merkins. Heel up brother, your missed!

  2. Colonel Mustard

    @Indy – that was a change on pace for everyone I think. You totally caught us off guard with the pavers. As soon as you opened the truck the runners were looking at each other like what in world are we doing.

    @Chowder and @Nanny – As usual you guys start off like a cheetah hunting its prey and then you take the pride out of the front runners. T-claps.

    @Frodo and @Magma – Well the front was fun for a little while at least

    T-claps for the men who grab the heavy pavers, go big or go home.

  3. Magma

    @That was a terribly awesome beatdown. Never thought I would run almost 3.5 miles at 5:15 am up stairs with a brick over my head.

    @Mustard-not sure my running at the front even counts, Chowder called called me on form about every time I took a breath and then passed me. one day maybe I can make this look as good as Chowder does.

  4. Skipper

    Well designed @Indy, I loved it and hated it!

    T-Claps to all men for pushing it today, especially you guys out front.

    Thanks @Bling for the 2nd F along the way today, definitely made it bearable.

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