Disclaimer – you might get muddy

It started as a warm (40s) but dark and moist January morning for 24 PAX to gather and see what was on the exercise agenda.  A disclaimer was given including the likeliness of getting your new Christmas shoes broken in with mud.  Here is how the work out went:

COP Warm-o-rama:

20 – In Cadence SSH

21 – IC IST

15 – IC Windmills (modified count)

20 – IC Mountain Climbers

Mosey to center of soccer field to cone. Split into four teams. Each team is assigned a corner and does the following as a team:

Run to Corner

20 – Summo Squats hands touch the ground

20 – Merkins

Lunges back to the cone.  Touch cone.

REPEAT with the next corner – going clockwise.  Repeat until exercises done in all four corners.  Plank when you are done.

Crab Crawl to the sidewalk between the two soccer fields (avoiding puddles, mud and goose fertilizer if you wish).

Bear Crawl to the nearest soccer goal.  Plank walk to the bleachers (alternate sides halfway).

Partner up.  Each partner pair must complete the exercises listed below.  One partner starts the exercises while the other runs to the garbage cans and back.  When the running partner returns, he takes over in doing the exercises.  Repeat until all listed exercises are completed and then plank.

– 100 inclined merkins

– 200 step ups

– 100 decline merkins

Mosey to picnic table building near baseball fields.

With the same partner do the following:

Partner 1 – B2W while Partner 2 does 25 summo squats (SWAP and then repeat one time).

Partner 1 – People’s Chair while Partner 2 does 15 merkins (SWAP and then repeat one time)

Windmill Redo with Coaching Help (20 IC)

With the same partner complete 50 monkey humpers together.  One partner does monkey humpers while the other does B2W.  Most do 25 each.

Mosey back to soccer field and line up in front of bleachers for a relay race.

Partner 1 runs to the sidewalk between the soccer fields and back, while partner 2 rests.  Slap hands and swap.  Repeat 2x.

Mosey to Parking Lot

– 20 Pretzel Crunch IC

– 20 The W IC

– 20 Rosalita IC

– 20 LBCs IC


– Great to see such a big crowd from all the AOs!

– Great workout everyone.  Thank you for allowing me to lead the exercises this morning on the wet fields.



7 thoughts on “Disclaimer – you might get muddy

  1. Gordo Post author

    @Major Pain – enjoyed being your partner.
    @Chowder – thanks for the cadence coaching. I will practice the Windmill in my living room with my 2 and 4 year olds until i get it right.

    Thank you everyone for humoring me this morning and hanging in their while I knowingly took you through wet and swampy fields.

    Go Panthers!

  2. Man Down

    Good to be back out again. 13 pound weight gain in 4 weeks! Fuel Challenge, here I come!
    @Icicle – Great partnering up with you today. You’ve come a long way bro!

  3. Buckwheat

    Good lead today, @Gordo. A little different from the norm, but a quality beatdown nonetheless!

    @Smokey, it was great partnering w/ you today, brother.

    It was good to see you back out in the gloom @majorpain. Hope that work
    schedule loosens up a bit and you are able to stay in town more often.

    Good 2nd F at the coffeteria today, too!

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it @gordo, even with the funny counting. I’m also in for the fuel challenge. Need to drop about 10 pounds.

  5. Skipper

    @Gordo – Awesome workout, muddy, fun, what more could we ask for?!

    @BlackSheep – thanks for carrying me; always good to partner with you.

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