Accountability at Speed

Five Highlanders made it out of the fartsack this morning for a small dose of speed work at the track.

Not everything went as planned…


Q show up on time and plant flags.

Indian Run to track.

On track run 1/4 mile, followed by 1/2 mile, followed by  3/4 mile, followed by mile, and then back down the ladder to the 1/4 mile.


Q jumped out of the fartsack at 5:21 and raced to the school to find four guys headed off into the gloom.  LawDawg knew the plan so he had them headed towards the track.  After a quick plant of the flags I caught up to them finishing their warm up lap on the track.

After some brief well deserved ribbing the workout continued with

A 1/4 mile run,

Regroup, a 1/2 mile run,

Regroup, a 3/4 mile run,

Regroup, a 1 mile run,

Regroup, one final 1/4 mile run, and an F2 stroll back to the cars.

Stoli and Skipper lead the field and pushed each other around the track.  Did you expect anything else?  Impressive speed!

LawDawg was powering through the circuits and refused to let me catch him on our last lap.  Well done LD!

Red Ryder had the best plan for the day.  I wish I stayed with him.  Steady speed work.  He took his place on the track and never let up throughout the workout.  Watch out guys, he going to sneak up on you when you are not looking!

Great work today guys!  Thank you to LawDawg and Skipper for holding me accountable and covering my tardiness this morning.  I told both of them on Thursday that I would take the Q only to show up late.  Without you guys I may not have shown up at all.





2 thoughts on “Accountability at Speed

  1. Stoli

    BOS, great workout for after the New Year’s meals. I needed to get my butt kicked prior to getting it kicked Monday at El Dorado. T-claps to everyone there for posting and working hard.

    Skipper, great push the entire workout. I wouldn’t have gone that fast without you.

  2. Skipper

    @BOS – I shouldn’t have been surprised to see your name on the Q schedule today since you’ve been an #IronMan lately. Thanks for keeping me motivated and accountable.

    @LawDawg – Like @BOS, another F3 stalwart! Good luck in the new year growing #RollingStone.

    @RedRyder – #Respect #SlowAndSteady #NoOffense 🙂 Great seeing you in the gloom today!

    @Stoli – Ahoy! Same to you. I definitely needed your push today.

    @Pax – Great #Speed diversity today, guaranteed that you would have fit in, give it a try in 2015!

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