20 or 15 B.O.M.B. Special

Six of Tradition’s strongest and one FNG, Timothy – now known as Tomahawk, met for a 2015 New Year’s Special KB workout. After a 2015 rep bootcamp yesterday, YHC created a last minute workout for the Pax, 20 or 15 style. It went a little something like this:

Mosey around lot
Windmill X15IC
Cotton Picker X15IC
Arm Circles
Shoulder Stretch

The Thang:
Sumo Squat w/ High Pull X20
Halos X15
Flutter Chest Press X20IC
Standing Shoulder Press X20
Calf Raises w/ KB X20
Standing Chest Press Variation X 15 (front, right, left)

Rack KB and walk around the parking lot for cool down

Curls X20
KB Merkin w/ Feet Together X10 (each arm)
Tricep Extensions X20
Pullover w/ Chest Press X15
KB Swing X15
Bent Rows X15 (each arm)

Mosey to outback w/ KB
15 Step Ups w/ KB on picnic table (each leg)
15 Incline Merkins on table
15 Derkins on bench

Mosey back to parking lot w/ KB

Squat Press X15
Curls X20
Clean and Press X10 (each arm)
Front Shoulder Raise X15
Shrugs X20
High Pull X15

Rack KB and walk around parking lot for cooldown

Bent Over Tricep Extension X15 (each arm) (Hammer)
Mason Twist w/ KB X15 (Gangsta)
LBC’s w/ Bell X20
Derby Double Taps (WWII Sit up w/ Bell) X15
Box Cutter w/ Rosalita and Low Dolly/Homer to Marge Medley (Thanks, Raptor – well not really…..)

Great work everyone!
It was a pleasure leading this morning, as always.
Chicken Strip disclosed his KB secret again this morning. You should keep that to yourself and make everyone think you’re JACKED!
Major Pain’s presence was requested at a workout. You out there, brother??
Good to see you back out regularly, Hammer!
Enjoyed the 2nd F at Dunkin Donuts, Iron Wolf and Tomahawk. Before the jokes start, NO donuts were consumed….
Welcome Tomahawk. Feel free to come out any time you’re in town or start your own F3 workout in Conway, SC (if there isn’t a group there already)!!

6 thoughts on “20 or 15 B.O.M.B. Special

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    Awesome Q @Buckwheat! I just got my brand new shiny 30lb kettle bell over the holidays, and this was a great way to break it in! Arms/shoulders are feeling it today.

    @Raptor – you are taking this medley to a whole new level my friend! Always a tough one.

    1. Buckwheat Post author

      Thanks, Gangsta. My shoulders are barking too! Way to challenge yourself w/ a heavier bell. Wouldn’t have guessed it was your first workout at that weight.

  2. Skipper

    Nice work #Tradition men!

    @Buckwheat – T-Claps for always stepping up when needed to Q!

    @IronWolf – Great to see you start on your new year posting goal! Nice to see @Tomahawk back too!

  3. Hammer

    @Buckwheat, nice finish to a week we celebrate new beginnings. My arms are like wet noodles right now, I love it. You cannot lie, there is no way a federal agent can withstand passing on a donut at a donut shop. Were all the other cops there too? 🙂 #popoandhisdonut

    Great to see all you men out in the gloom. Welcome Tomahawk.

  4. Buckwheat Post author

    HA! I have two witnesses that can vouch for me not partaking in #fatness. However, I did ask if they had gluten free donuts. Good thing they didn’t or I would’ve been forced to get one. Didn’t see any other popo in there.

    Glad I was able to make your arms feel like jello. The week’s not over yet though….. There’s still an 0700 bootcamp at MCP tomorrow. Hope to see you in the gloom. #Gohardorgohome.

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