Goodyears for the New Year

What better way to start off 2015 than manhandling some frozen tires. 13 strong Harrisburg F3 faithful shook off the late night to get the juices flowing this morning.

Warmup (IC): SSH x15, IST x10, Windmill x10, Merkins x15

Thang: Balls to the wall (1 min), Peoples chair (1 min), Decline Merkin x10, Slow Lunge Walk to Tires (roll tires to suicide lot).

Tire Work:

  • Plank Walk Up & Over Tire x10 each way
  • Tire Jumps x20
  • Lateral Jumps to the right through tire with burpee on other side x10, repeato back to the left x10
  • With Partner – 2 Tire Flips followed by 2 burpees to end of lot — cycling through the different size tires periodically
  • With Partner – 2 Tire Flips followed by 5 incline merkins back to start — cycling through the different size tires periodically
  • 20 Dips, 20 Decline merkins, 20 Dips, 20 Decline merkins, 20 Dips


  • People choice around the clock (something like this from memory): LBC’s x2, Reverse crunches x2, Crunchy frogs, WW II’s, Elbow Ups, W’s, J-Lows, Squirm, Pretzel, Freddy Mercury, Mason Twist


  1. It was an honor to bring in 2015 with the Harrisburg F3 crew this morning. Thanks to all for the opportunity. Strong work fellas!
  2. What’s in Indiana? “Cornfields and people you know”. Turns out Swami ran around IU with buddies of mine from high school (and I unknowingly have worked with his brother for the past several years). Great to see you back out Swami. Shout out to SunDial by way of Taylor University too. Small world and smart Midwestern folks that migrated south to settle down.
  3. It was great to see ice in/on the tires to add more fun to the flipping. Titleist manned up w/ bare hands. Tumbler mentioned that his sweat was freezing. A beautiful crisp winter morning…
  4. Let’s make 2015 great and keep God at the forefront in all we do!

2 thoughts on “Goodyears for the New Year

  1. escalade

    Great lead today Clueless! The tractor tire put me in my place. Thanks Titelist for the teamwork to get that beast across the lot!

  2. SSMinnow

    Tough workout to start the year, @Clueless. Thanks @Tumbler, for picking me up when we rotated to the beast tires.

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