The Finish Line Cruise… or a Good Start?

Seven thoroughbreds spared the lives of thousands of innocent worms this morning thanks to the drier but crisper weather. As another Q-less Cruise commenced, the only appropriate route to wrap up this year would be our most familiar… the 201 Central route… plus. Here’s how we kept @Google from getting lost.

The Thang
– Six PAX launch out of the parking lot through the rabbit hole only to pick up @Snare on his way in.
– 201 Central route… HCP out to right on Ridge, right into the villas
– @BOS is feeling a clicking in his glute (maybe your car keys in your hip pocket of your tights/jorts?); @Skipper escorts him back to the launch point
– Play tour guide and show @Google where 201 Central in at the roundabout… Google Maps weren’t working for him this a.m.
– Roll through Falcon Crest without Lorenzo Lamas (apologies to the under 40 crowd) and cut through walking path (if we talk loud enough, we can wake up M. Snare)
– @Frodo gets tired of this fellowship pace (or maybe just YHC’s fellowship) and turns on the turbojets as he and @Google pull away heading past the driving range and toward the clubhouse
– Cross HCP with a few minutes still on the clock, so we do a firehouse/track path loop adder


– Join @LawDawg for breakfast at Sweet Spot? Sure, why not! Not sure what took Skipper and BOS so long to get there.
– Highlands New Years Day workout is being moved to 0700 @ Mallard Creek Park – start your year off right
– Shield next Wednesday night 8-10pm, location TBD, but get it on your calendar

– Good work today by all PAX. 5.5 miles for the full on total… prolly right about 5 without the firehouse loop adder.
– @BOS, sorry the glute was giving you troubles. Let’s get that core thing straightened out in 2015. That’s your mission should you choose to accept it (again, apologies to the under 40 crowd.) I’m sure you can find some accountability partners (the line forms behind YHC)
– Thanks to @Skipper for the fellowship return run w/ @BOS.
– Also t-claps to @Skipper for picking up on the Dropped Ball of Man by YHC and running with it. Preesh, brother. Once again, a Highlands man has to carry @Chowder’s sorry arse across the finish line.
– Great post-beatdown 2nd F at Sweet Spot again. @LawDawg joined us, but no @Nanny… I may have quit working so I can keep this going.
– While this was the final Highlands beatdown of 2014, for YHC, it’s also the start of a fresh new year ahead. F3 has been a solid rock for me over the past year plus… a foundational practice upon which I build the daily activities of my life. Greeting each sunrise with the consistent persistence of the structured beatdown while side-by-side with some of my favorite people sets me on the right path and focus for the hours, days and weeks ahead. Thanks to all the PAX for all you give… I look forward to a phenomenal 2015 with you all.