Last Beatdown of 2014

12 men posted for the last workout of 2014!


Merkin x10

Burpee x 10

Mosey to outback

Grab a cinder block

Burpee x10


Clean and press x12

Wide merkin x10

Pull up wide grip x10

Clean and press x12

regular merkin x10

Pull up regular grip x10

Clean and press x12

Diamond merkin x10

Close grip pull up x10

Circuit 2

Cinder block bent over rows x 15

Decline Merkin wide grip x 15

Dips x12

Cinder block bent over rows x 15

Decline Merkin wide grip x 15

Dips x12

Cinder block bent over rows x 15

Decline Merkin diamond grip x 15

Dips x12

Circuit 3

Hanging knees to chest x 12

Lunges to hill with cinder block

Burpees at base of hillx10

Walk back with cinder block over head

Hanging knees to chest x 12

Burpee broad jump to hill

Bear crawl back

Hanging knees to chest x 12

Partner wheel barrow to hill

Backwards run back to start

Negative Merkins down for slow count of 5 and hold

Negative overhead press with block


Elbow plank one minute

Mason twist


1. It was a pleasure leading the beating on this cold New Years Eve morn

2. Buckwheat, that is an impressive bear crawl, I think you may give Dingo a run for his money with that one.

3.  Have a great New Years!

12 thoughts on “Last Beatdown of 2014

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Magma – nice lead today brother! Definitely good to be back out there today, and those exercises were tough in the wet Outback.

    @Pax – Happy New Year to all!

  2. The Farm

    That was a tough workout! Let’s not forget @Guiness getting low and powering through those cinder block lunges. Impressive! Can’t think of a better way to start my NYE festivities than with you men. Happy New Year!

    1. Gangsta's Paradise

      Haha thanks @Dingo – if you had shown, you would’ve known! Was dealing with a knee issue, but all good now!

  3. Chicken Strip

    Great workout @Magma! Between the shoulder beatdown courtesy of @Dingo yesterday and the arms and upper body work out today we’re going to be jacked!

    1. Buckwheat

      Thanks @Magma. This was a quality beatdown. I was trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible to avoid falling on my face…. After a Burpeefest at Highlands yesterday, I was hurting today. Thanks for getting on us when we were taking our sweet time to get to the pullup bar/table stations, and when we tried to stop short of base of the hill!

      @Guiness: Those were some serious lunges and great job powering home on the beat crawl!!

  4. MrBelding

    @magma- excellent beat down today man! Great variation and intensity. I also liked the drill sergeant persona you took on when we weren’t moving fast enough:)

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