2015 Weekly Weigh-in Kickoff

iron on iron

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year, when we all say were going to make changes for the new year, eat better, lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, volunteer more, etc. etc. etc., blah blah blah. Chances are you’ve had resolutions every year and by the end of the 1st week or month of the New Year you’ve abandoned them all. We have all been there.

In 2013 I set a personal fitness goal and it was to run and complete a full marathon and I did it, it was ugly but I did it. How did I do it? Lots of training of course, but it wasn’t all me, I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it without my F3 brethren. In a C.O.T. at the beginning of the New Year each PAX stated a goal for 2013. So I said it out loud, “I’m going to run a full marathon” and I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. I credit my public statement of my 2013 goal with F3 brethren as the biggest reason for sticking with it and getting it done. The 2nd F (fellowship) is very strong in F3 and like it says in the bible Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. That is certainly true within F3.

During my training for the marathon last year I stepped up my eating, but unfortunately I still haven’t stopped eating at that level, teamed with a couple of injuries that kept me out of the gloom this year I’ve gained back much of the weight I lost since starting F3 in 2011.

With that said I want your help (not just @f3isotope, but all of @f3nation) and at the same time hope to help some of you. My goal for 2015 is to lose the weight I regained in 2014 and get back to 175 or less.

I’m not here to say what you should eat or not eat as there are far better qualified PAX to help you with that. I say do what works for you, F3 cleanse, low carb, fat free, liquid, grapefruit, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and so on. My personal dietary plan is to simply cut back on my caloric intake and eliminate crappy carbs combined with continuing to post at 4-6 F3 beatdowns a week.

So here’s my plan. Beginning Monday 1/5/15 I am going to publicly post my weight loss success and failures each and every week via Twitter Monday morning #F3Weighin. It is my hope that dozens of you will do the same. I will compile the PAX tweets into a spreadsheet and track our success and post on F3Nation.com with the tag Weekly Weigh-in.

Tweet your successes and failures to me in this format:

2day 198.0
LW/SW 200.0/200.0
Diff -2/-2
Goal 175

tweet example

Note: LW/SW = Last Week/Starting Weight

Or if you are twitter challenged – email to me mcdonaldc33@yahoo.com 

GOD speed and GOD bless.

See you in the gloom!


4 thoughts on “2015 Weekly Weigh-in Kickoff

  1. Footloose

    Good call DriveThru! I started the same this past Monday and will post my week results on the 5th #F3weighin. I had Achilles surgery August 2013 and am back full strength now but 30 lbs heavier. End of year goal for me is also 175 lbs or less. Monday 12/29 I was 204.6. Current goal is to lose 20 lbs by my birthday (4/29). I’ve got PAX here in #F3SwampRabbit cheering me on. I’m happy to talk the pan with you brother!

    1. Drive Thru Post author

      Footloose. TClaps brother. You are a week ahead of us. See you in swamprabbit land soon.

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