Last Q of this year( for me)

Four brave man post this cold morning with me to have my last Q of this year.
And it went something like this

Mosey around prison yardyard back to parking lot
Ssh x 15
Cotton picker x 15
Jump squad x 15
Mosey to prision yard
Burpees x 5
Lunges x 10
Imperial wlakers x 15
Merkin’s x 20
Plank jacks x 20
Squads x 30
Mosey around the pool and back to prision yard
Bear crawl the length of tennis court
Cliff hanger Merkin’s x 10
Dan Taylor ( squad follow by lunges)
Mosey to saxsonbury and back to parking lot
Plank,follow by bunny jump wile planking
Muscle up ladder 10 down to 5
Merkin ladder 10 down to 5
LBC x 20
Low flutter x 20
Low dolly x 20
The W x 20
Ww2 sit up x10

2 thoughts on “Last Q of this year( for me)

  1. The Farm

    Enjoyed it Icicle. From now on, if a man not posting means the rest of us pay later, we should make sure all men post everyday!

    1. Icicle Post author

      Only if that man said that he was going to post but either way we should make them pay for not posting that a great idea

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