No Q in Sight, We Got This – 500 Reps Style!

A struggling Buckwheat rolled into the parking lot at 0528 and not a soul was present. I thought about working out alone and quickly changed that line of thinking to where the closest IHOP or Denny’s was in order to get some grub and soak up last night’s adult beverages. As I was about to pull out of the parking lot, Hammer and Pongo rolled in ready to get to work. And so we did…. Raptor was a no show for the Q, so we did a little People’s Q that went something like this (not in exact order):


Mosey around parking lot.

Windmill X15
Cotton Picker X15
Shoulder stretch
Bear Hugs
Low, Slow Squats X 10

The Thang:

KB Goblet Squats X20
KB Lawnmower Pulls X10 (each arm)
Flutter KB Chest Press X20IC
KB Curls X20
KB Tricep Extensions X20

Mosey around parking lot

KB Sumo Squats X20
KB Sumo Squat Press X20
KB Pullovers X20
KB Shoulder Press X20
KB Swings X20

Mosey around parking lot

KB Merkins X10 each arm
Standing KB Chest Press X20
Halos X20
Lunges X10 each leg
Bent tricep extensions X10 each arm

Mosey around parking lot

KB Chest Press X20
One Footed KB Merkins X10 each arm – Nice twist, Pongo!
KB Figure 8’s X20
KB High Pulls X20
KB Standing Shoulder Presses X20

Mosey around parking lot

KB Curls X20
Missing four exercises X20 reps…

Mosey around lot w/ jailbreak – Good call, Hammer!

LBC’s X50IC (Hammer)
Rosalita X15 (Pongo)

1) Great work this morning guys. I almost spilled some Merlot this morning…
2) Enjoyed the fellowship in our small circle.
3) Pongo is going to enter the world or respect tomorrow. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, PONGO!
4) It’s good to see you back at it again, Hammer. Hope that knee continues to heal.
5) Happy Holidays to ALL!!

5 thoughts on “No Q in Sight, We Got This – 500 Reps Style!

  1. The Farm

    Men, I had all intentions of joining you this morning. Alarm went off at 4:30, I hit snooze, then 4:40 and snoozed again. I made the dreaded mistake of pulling the phone into bed with me and the next time I remember was 5:34. The fartsack won the battle but not the war!

    Tclaps to Buckwheat for Q’ing after a night of adult beverages, Hammer for coming back from the IR list, and early #RESPECT to Pongo!

  2. Dingo

    Tclapps for posting men! Tough to post after the feasting of Christmas Day!

    Tclapps to Funky Bunch also, for running 11 miles this morning! #marathonbound

  3. Buckwheat Post author

    Awesome, Funky Bunch! The fartsack was VERY difficult to exit this morning. Thank goodness my M kicked me in the middle of my back after I hit snooze for the 3rd time…

    1. Buckwheat Post author

      HA, I remember two of the forgotten exercises: KB clean and press ×10 (each arm) and front shoulder raises ×20.

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