Santa Sleigh Gone Bad

Coltrane Channel Forecast – Mid forties and Steady Rain… Gonna be a
beautiful day.

Crank up with some bacon and egg biscuits,coffee,oj and water
Warm up
Run around Coltrane Campus

Get the sleds from the truck and MOSEY to playground
Split up into groups of 3
REALIZATION!! Total Package is M.I.A.!!! He had a flat tire and
assumed the PAX had gone to the parking deck.
PAX decided to carry on without him and carry on.


SLEIGH PULL EXERCISE to be completed between each exercise:
Two PAX pull sled while one pretends to be SANTA to go one lap around
the track.

Exercises between each sleigh lap:

15 Merkins
Freddy Merks
Carolina Drydocks
Mason Twist

Mole skin
Great effort by all.
Indy has the wooden sleds if anyone has ideas for future workouts.
Luckily no one hurled after eating before the WOD.
As always great fun and fellowship.
Merry Christmas to all !!