Core Cardio for Christmas

Core cardio interval work with stretch recovery mixed in.

5:24 – Wow, we got a lot of rain and it’s still raining… I wonder who’s going to post, 5:25 – Good, SoloCup is here (bummer, he’s running), 5:26 – here comes RibShack (he’s running too), 5:27 – SSMinnow is here, he’s leading the run, 5:28 – YES, Deuce is here (I won’t have to run), 5:29 – Gamma rolls in jamming to some tunes (he’s running too). That left two F3er’s to focus on core and flexibility.

The Thang… Stretches x 60 secs, Core Cardio x 30 secs each move

  • Downward Dog
  • Split lunge agility, low switch kick, double switch kick, high switch kick
  • Standing Forward Fold
  • Static uppercut, jack feet uppercut, hop forward/back, hop side to side, alt speed knee, alt speed knee fast
  • Lunge Hold
  • Twisting X Lunge high, twisting X lunge lower (touch knee), twisting X lunge lower (touch shin), twisting X lunge lower (touch ground)
  • Garland Pose
  • Squat walk, deeper squat walk, deeper squat walk (touch ground), Air plank jumps
  • Warrior One
  • T squat pulse, T lunge pulse R, T lunge pulse L, Rotating T Twist
  • Triangle
  • Burnout – Alt speed knee fast, Twisting X lunge (touch ground), Air plank jump, Rotating T Twist
  • Tree
  • High jump in place, Control jump side to side, Double hop rotation, Single hop rotation (180)
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Hammer kick L, speed kick L, hammer kick R, speed kick R
  • Bridge
  • Shuffle feet, shuffle feet w/ hop up/back, shuffle feet w/ squat, shuffle feet w/ up/down
  • Cobbler
  • Plank tap R/L feet, plank tap R/L hands, plank tap opposite feet/hand, plank lift opposite feet/hand
  • Upward Dog
  • Burnout – Single hop rotation, speed kick L, speed kick R, Shuffle w/ up/down, plank lift opposite feet/hand
  • Pigeon
  • Mountain climbers, running spider lunge, body sprint, body run
  • Cool down shoulder stretches

Mary (with Road Warriors): Homer to Marge on 4 count up/4 count down, 5 second power abs

Nakedman Moleskin:

  1. Solid work this morning Deuce. I figured some cardio work, with no workout scheduled tomorrow, would be a good thing. Thanks for powering through it with me!

2 thoughts on “Core Cardio for Christmas

  1. Deuce

    Great lead, Clueless! You’ll have to do it again for the rest of the Pax. It is definitely Bootcamp worthy. I told you during the workout that I mostly felt my legs working, but I can feel the ab work now, every time I move.

    I have to admit I seriously considered fartsacking this morning when I woke to the torrential downpour, but I knew you would be out there, and I couldn’t let you go solo. #accountability

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