where is everybody…

Four of us showed at the Tradition AO for the monthly occurrence of Old Glory. Once I realized no one else was going to show, we decided to go over to the Precinct to witness the first ever ChickenFarm. Unfortunately Maximus felt a pull, so he turned back. The rest of us continued on. See what we did here: http://f3nation.com/2014/12/23/the-chicken-farm-vol-i/

– Thanks guys for agreeing to run over to the Precinct. It ended up being a great workout. I think we need to make Chicken Strip Q a beatdown at Tradition soon.
– Merry Christmas to all of the Tradition PAX. Enjoy the time with your families.

2 thoughts on “where is everybody…

  1. Man Down

    Old Glory is supposed to be done together (Tradition & Precinct), so I’m glad you didn’t do it without us!

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