The Hills have Eyes….

13 of Highlands Bravest decided to lace them up  for a wet, muddy, hilly, pre-Christmas beatdown!

Warm up:

Mosey down Parkway to lower parking lot with Stoli skips and side skips.

Circle up:

20 x SSH

20 X Windmill

15 x Imperial Squat Walker


The Thang:

Mosey to small Hill at entrance

7-1 ladder – Burpee at the top and WW2 Sit ups at the bottom.

Line up- Indian run out back entrance to medium hill near the baseball fields.

7-1 ladder with backward run up hill. Peter Parker 4-count @ top. Jumping Lunges 4-count @ bottom.

Mosey to large hill in front of track.

7-1 ladder – Air Squats at the top and Burpees at the bottom.

Mosey to Playground.  (Hey… look…. is that…. Nanny?  Glad you finally found us…errrr the PAX found you!)

10 x Pull up

20 x Merkins

30 x Freddie Mercury

Rinse and Repeat X 3

Recover back to parking so we can get to the Sweet Spot for some quality grubbing and F2.



Thanks for the opportunity to lead this AM men. Always a pleasure! It was pretty damp out there and I almost decided to pull an audible and not do the hill routine due to the mud, but after some chatter with Chowder he convinced me otherwise. I stuck with the original plan and glad I did. I am pretty sure the PAX were tested this AM due to the grunts I heard out there.  I heard a couple comments out of the PAX that legs were still sore from BOS’s beat-down at Mallard last Saturday. I am glad I was able to contribute to the pain thresh hold with all the hills!

Tcaps to #Nanny. Although you showed up late and we were not easy to find you hung in there and finally latched on for the last routine.. Next time you might want to rethink chasing down and yelling @ a random man down highland creek thinking it was one of us. I am sure you scared that guy from ever running @ 530 AM on Highland Creek again!

I must say, the after beat-down chow down @ the Sweet Spot has been a highlight of the week. A hot cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich never tasted so good! Hopefully there will be more of them during this Holiday break.

If I do not see you tomorrow at the cruise. I hope my fellow F3 brothers and your families have a wonderful Christmas!


2 thoughts on “The Hills have Eyes….

  1. Chowder

    Good stuff this morning, Google, and good call to stick to your original plan. We’re not some bunch of SoCal tomatoes who are afraid to get their sixes soaked. And thanks for stepping up lately to Q so much. The PAX really appreciates you shouldering such a load. Speaking of a load… T-claps to @Nanny for posting with 5 minutes left???!!! Uhhh, that’s definitely a load…

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