5 for a pre-Christmas workout…

5 pax showed for a little pre-Christmas beatdown. Rainy, but at least it wasn’t crazy cold. It went a little something like this.

Warmup- 1 lap around the top parking lot.

SSH x 15
IST x 16
Cotton Pickers x 15

The thang:

4 Stations 3 minutes per station with 30 second transition. We covered each station 3 times.

Station 1: dips x 15 incline merkins x 15 (repeato until time called)

Station 2: Peoples Chair

Station 3: L shaped sprints. Up to the first cone, side to side to second cone and back, back pedal to the starting position. Take turns around the group.

Station 4: Large rope. Alternating arm swings x 5 (audibled to 10) and arm circles x 10.


1. I audibled the peoples chair in place of some Quadrophilia up the hill because of the rain. Kind of wished I had stuck with it.

2. Working in groups is always good for the 2nd F along with the first.

3. Kotters to Pox, great to have you back out.

4. Merry Christmas to all and I will see all of you who are trying to get better tomorrow morning at the Rolling Stone Cruise! I hear @Mattress King has the Q.


5 thoughts on “5 for a pre-Christmas workout…

  1. LawDawg Post author

    P.S. Remember, no workout on Thursday. Apparently Concord is having one if you just need to do something before you open presents, ha!

    1. WaterBoy

      Great workout. @lawdawg thanks for taking the q and for the second f. Knowing you guys were there got me to the workout on my first day of vacation. The power of F3. @kato hope you are doing better. @pox glad to see you again. Great to see @smokeless
      @uggs see you tom office the cruise. Hope it is not pouring.

  2. Kato

    Miss you guys. I’ve let injury stand as an excuse and I need to just come out again and substitute when needed. See you guys next week.

  3. Pox

    Thanks Law Dawg and other faithful stoners. Glad to be back, should be posting 1-2times a week now for a while.

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