Slow and Steady

SSH x25 IC
One Merkin one squat IC
Two Merkins two squats IC
Increase up to 10 each IC

Mosey to the Rockpile
Bent over row x12
Carry Rock over head to next street light
Straight leg dead lift x12
Carry rock overhead back
Bicep curls x12
Carry rock
Tricep extension x12
Carry rock

Mosey to school
Step ups x20
Dips x 20

Mosey to grass patch
Bear crawl across lot
Crab walk back
Lunge walk across lot
Plank walk back

Mosey to upper lot for Mary
Burpees x10
Crunchy Frog x12 IC
Mason Twist x 15 IC
Pretzel Crunch x10 each
Waterboy led Superman/Banana in honor of Kato!

Thought for the day by Pharaoh
“pride vs humility”
The Humble Birth of Christ

3 thoughts on “Slow and Steady

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    @Rolling Stone – great to workout with all of you. (sorry for the late post) Thanks for being patient with my sermon. Can’t wait to get back to RS

    1. WaterBoy

      @pharoh always a pleasure. The bear walk crab walk killed me after the reverse Spider-Man by @gordo. Quality beat down. Great job @smokeless and @thefed. Great to have so many pax.

  2. Schnitzel

    @pharaoh – well done, enjoyed the 3F at the end
    @kato – your name was mentioned in reference to a superman-banana kind of thing. Hope you get back soon to pass on more gems like that.

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