Last Year’s Christmas Tree

I normally prefer getting a new, live Christmas tree every year, but this one can be used over and over. Fortunately for the 13 dedicated Harrisburg men that posted today, it still only comes out once a year…

Warm up
SSH x20
Mosey out to Raging Ridge Rd
Air Squats x10
Mericans x10
Single-file Indian Run around the far side of the school to the break area (~1/2 mile)

The Thang

10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
15Incline Mericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5 Burpees
20 JumpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10 ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
25Dips, 20JumpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
30AirSquats, 25Dips, 20JumpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
35LBCs, 30AirSquats, 25Dips, 20JumpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
40SSH, 35LBCs, 30AirSquats, 25Dips, 20JumpSquat, 15Incline Merican, 10ReverseCrunch, 5Burpees
35LBCs, 30AirSquats, 25Dips, 20JumpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
30AirSquats, 25Dips, 20 umpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
25Dips, 20JumpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
20JumpSquats, 15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
15InclineMericans, 10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees
10ReverseCrunches, 5Burpees

Finsished with a few minutes remaining, so put the Angel on top of the tree – 50 Overhead Presses with the pavers kindly left for us.

Mosey back out to the gravel path, and Indian Run back to the launch point.

Crunchy Frog x15 (Short Circuit)
The Squirm x15 (Paris)


1. Thanks for posting today. Even as it gets colder, the die-hards never fail.
2. May need our resident CFO to audit this, but the main even racked up 1070 reps; add in the warm-up and Mary, and you completed 1210 reps this morning.
3. Big thanks to the HRHS elves for leaving us some pavers. If we’re good, maybe next week they’ll leave us some pull-up bars!
4. Looking forward to the Christmas party tomorrow night. If you’re going and haven’t paid, see Tumbler…for your sake before Saturday’s workout.
5. When we did this workout last year with many of the same pax, we had to cut it short by a few rounds, but as noted, we finished early this year. Strong work!
6. Finally, safe travels to all those leaving town this weekend.

Pax tibi,

7 thoughts on “Last Year’s Christmas Tree

    1. RibShack

      Not that it matters but Othello was first appearance & waiting on us when we rolled in this morning.

  1. SoloCup

    I remember this one from last year (and a version over the summer.) Both times I thought I would die by the end…this time, not so much. Merkvember and Burpeecember are paying for themselves.

    Great work by all. Paris and Short Circuit, when are you going to sign up for a Q?

  2. BBQ

    @Gamma – I was going to say this wasn’t our only time this year doing this torture but @SoloCup beat me to it. Guess you could say we got to celebrate Christmas twice this year thanks to @Hootie’s variation in July: Too bad he wasn’t able to celebrate with us. And to think this was the workout I did just before being named a year ago. It sucked then and it still sucked today. It was all I could do to speak during BOM. Tclaps @Gamma!

    1. Gamma Post author

      Dang, he snuck that one in while I was out of town! Maybe this can be his first-Q-off-IR workout this summer to keep the tradition alive. Although, not sure what would be worse – doing this in the winter frost, or the summer heat…

  3. RibShack

    @Gamma, good lead! Like the lead in run & then the run after kept the intensity up. Way more burpees than I care for but better they were at the 5 count slot than the 45 where @ SoloCup would’ve preferred them! #nocomplaints

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