1st Precinct Q

7 men posted on a cold quiet morning for all 3 F’s.

Mosey down Katelyn and back around to tennis court for COP.

SSHX30, MerkinsX10, Stagger right X10, Stagger left X10

fast mosey to guardrail near greenway entrance. Once again, nice lights man down.

decline merkins x10

power jumps x10


decline merkinsx10

power jumps-as many as you can get in one minute


decline merkinsx10

power jumps-how many did you do in one minute? whatever that number was cut it in half and do more than that in 30 seconds

Mosey back to tennis court

-spiderman merkin walk to half way then bear crawl to the end

-burpee broad jump all the way back

-suicides touching various lines

-elbow plank straight back one minute

-repeato but touching different line

-elbow plank straight back one minute

-did some crunchy frog in there somewhere too

-Peoples chair 60 seconds

-line jumps left and right-one minute

-line jumps forward and back-one minute

Mosey to cinder block wall

-10 muscle ups followed by 10 merkins-x3

Mosey back to parking lot

-negative merkins-down for a slow count of 5, hold at bottom, back up

-Mary-mason twist, homer to marge


-Thanks for letting my take the reigns this morning. Great AO and glad I finally was able to check it out.

-Had no idea how challenging it would be to run uphill after doing powerjumps.

-Good to finally meet a few of you that I haven’t before!

-Axe Effect takes the VT on the power jumps. 70 in one minute? how is that even possible? Great job

Verse of the day: “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me” -Galatians 2:20(ESV)

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  1. Man Down

    Thanks for subbing in for me today. Looks like you led a great one…as expected. Visit The Precinct anytime bro!

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