The squiggly P

Three men took the red pill and posted for a little cruise. We took off through Moss Creek and went across 73 onto Wellington Chase Dr., over onto to Treeline Dr., we took a right onto Lockwood Rd and finally a left back onto Wellington Chase and back to HRMS. Lots of talk about the missing Pax from Wellington Chase. I think we probably clocked just shy of 4 miles. Not bad at all. Running makes you better, there’s no question about that.

To quote Dredd from Twitter this a.m.: DreddCNC: With his #FatPants on a man is playing (at best) not to lose. Winning requires the #FirstF.


I don’t always understand Dredd’s tweets, but he’s right on the money here.

The Moleskin:

1. I think we are starting to adjust to the cold, it was funny running by a few of the walkers covered in winter clothes head to toe this morning like it was some kind of blizzard going on.

2. Great 2nd F this morning. A cruise is the best way to get to know the Pax.

3. @Kato, get better. @Eggplant, @Uggs, @Peanut Butter, @Pox, where or where have you been? Come on out. (Posted on behalf of @Waterboy, he was calling all of you out this morning). @Mattress King, I can only cover your missed Q’s so many times. If you keep signing up to Q but not showing for the cruise, we are going to get worried and send a search party for you on Wednesday morning.

4. Range night tonight at The Range at Lake Norman. Guns, Pizza, Beer. Good times and 2nd F to be had.


7 thoughts on “The squiggly P

  1. WaterBoy

    Great Q @lawdawg
    Enjoyed the second F with you and @schnitzel. Agree @Kato, get better
    I’m calling out. @Eggplant, @Uggs, @Peanut Butter, @pox. Missing the fellowship of you guys from when I first joined.
    @Mattress King I thought you had the Q for the distance run?

  2. Mattress King

    @lawdawg you literally mad me LOL with that comment.
    @waterboy somehow I keep forgetting about that Cruise thing, maybe when I think about a cruise it’s usually a tropical island of some sort.

  3. Schnitzel

    @LawDawg – great Q, and good chatting with you guys. May invest in new shoes to help with knee discomfort.
    @Waterboy – always a pleasure.
    @Hammer – probably not following #RollingStone, but that’s where responsibility lies for giving me the F3 name that’s almost as hard to spell correctly as my real last name.

  4. Kato

    Been missing you guys out there. It’s been frustrating and I’m planning to be out there tomorrow as long as @Pharoah takes it easy on us.

    Good on you guys for posting for the cruise. Run through the winter and you’ll kick ass in the spring.

    I’m kinda glad that @Mattress King doesn’t Q the cruise. It’d likely be a mile worth of burpees.

    1. WaterBoy

      @kato hope you are better soon and back in action. I doubt @pharohs q will take it easy on us though.

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