NKOTB F3 Style

3 Road Warriors ventured out leaving the (larger) Warrior One PAX behind. YHC had a new idea to work on speed which included the blocks around Town Center. Hence the name NKOTB (New Kids on the Block). Yeah, YHC might be a HateHate but I know who they are.

1 mile Mosey around Town Center

THE THANG – Suicide Sprint Ladder:
Running down Center Place Dr. to Carol Parmer Dr.
Sprint 1 block (approx 100 meters), mosey back
Sprint 2 blocks (approx 200 meters), mosey back
Sprint 3 blocks (approx 300 meters), mosey back
Sprint 4 blocks (approx 400 meters), mosey back
PAX circled back to last man and finished with them – no man left behind.

Repeato – but start with 4 blocks, then 3 blocks, 2 blocks, 1 block.

Mosey back to launch to join Warrior One for Mary.

COT (Solo Cup)


  • Smaller PAX this morning but just as good. Thanks for coming out @ScheduleC and @The Magnificent.
  • PAX completed 5+ miles – @Ribshack, we still did more than 3 miles (although the emails say “3-5 miles”). Maybe another day.  Here are YHC’s watch details.
  • Don’t forget happy hour tonight. @SoloCup‘s got the Q at Three Monkey’s (7:00).

4 thoughts on “NKOTB F3 Style

    1. RibShack

      Just raise the bar & advertise 4-6 miles then everyone will be happy. Might even get some more crazies who like those 5+ mile runs!

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