Good Ol’ Fashion Fun

37 degrees & clear with 6 PAX roaming through downtown Concord


Mosey around to parking deck – Circle Up

– Slap Jacks x 15 IC

– Cotton PIckers x 15 IC

– Arm Circles – forward/back

Mosey to Carolina Court Parking Lot

The Thang

TABATA Sweat Test (20 second push/15 second recovery x 3 cycles of each below) with Block

– Decline Merkins

– Core Killers

– Curls

– Overhead Press

– Sqauts

– Low Flutter

– Peter Parkers

– Walk Outs

– Arm Chair Reaches

– Curls

During Tabata, PAX took turns doing a side gig as follows:

– Farmer’s Walk (2) 5 gal buckets of drywall mud (61.5 lbs/each) 40 yds to base of steps

– Stairway Suicide – Run to each landing, do Star Jump, run down, repeat for each landing

– Return Farmer’s Way to starting point


Freddie Mercs with 6″ hold – 5 x 3

KGB’s x 15 IC

Warrior Pose x 20 seconds each leg


Not much running today but a good upper body/core day.  Considered a Rinse & Repeat of Grover’s Tuesday beatdown but wasn’t sure Q could do it again!  Great effort by all.  Remember Christmas gifts for our adopted family – get them to Indy or Backdraft.

See Ya’ll Later, Hipbone


Epstein’s Mother: A half-assed excuse for not Posting, delivered in advance of the workout so nobody can claim you Fartsacked and made up an excuse afterward.  Inspired by the excuse notes Juan Epstein of “Welcome Back Kotter” drafted for himself, but ignorantly signed “Epstein’s Mother”.