11 men came out on a surprisingly warm morning to beat the rain and endure some Pain.  It was supposed to be Dutch’s Virgin bootcamp Q, but his toe is hurting, so I gladly too the Q!  It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to workout due to a foot injury and I was EXTREMELY glad to be out there with you guys!

Ive been planning this one for a while, so was glad to get the opportunity to unleash it!


Warm Up;

Mosey down to the first intersection in the Winchester neighborhood.  Along the way we did;

  1. SSH x 16
  2. IST x 16
  3. SSH x 6 (this was performed in front of Dutch’s house!  Had to cut it short when his dogs started barking!)(Mission accomplished)

The Thang;

  1. At top of first hill – 20 x Lunge
  2. Run down to bottom of hill, do 20 x merkins
  3. Run Up to top of next hill, do 20 x squats
  4. Turn around and rinse and repeat until YHC says stop
  5. The Pendulum is born!
  6. 3 rounds were completed.

Mosey up to prosperity

  1. LBC x 16
  2. Reverse Crunch x 16

Indian run up prosperity to the Haunted Daycare

Partner up;

  1. 1 partner runs backward up to curb
  2. 2nd partner AMRAP burpees until partner comes back
  3. Flapjack
  4. 4 rounds painfully completed

Mosey back to the Church parking lot

Mary……..Nope, no mary today!!

Line up for prone sprints x 5

“Fastest Man At Tradition” Virtual Trophy goes to Soccer Mom(By 20 yards!!)  Dude is fast!

The not so wet moleskin;

  1. So good to be back out there today!  I have missed you men and taking time off made me realize how much I rely on you to make me a better man.  I was lethargic, grumpy and basically less of a man without you all to push me.  My wife is also happy I am back 😉
  2. I hope you enjoyed the Pendulum!?  A little(or a lot) of running will make us all stronger!
  3. ONJ you looked much faster out there today?!  Did you take the blue pill this morning??
  4. Great work by all!  Way to push and encourage each other!

10 thoughts on “THE PENDULUM!!

  1. Dingo Post author

    Lots of miles covered today! I wish I had turned on my GPS watch so I could tell you how many…….

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Great workout Dingo. Glad you are back. The running is great. My favorite part was the quick get away from in front of Dutch’s house when the dogs started barking. Felt we were like a SWAT team!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Sounds like I missed a good beatdown this morning. I look forward to the next time you bring this one to Tradition.

  4. Maximus_MECA

    Dingo – I ran a mile with Dutch after Monday’s workout and I feel bad about what happened to him afterwards. The War Daddy did not want to injure another youthful Pax member with an extra mile run so I stopped.

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