Pushing it real good!

It was a nice warm (40s) December morning for 11 PAX to push it real good through a series of torture exercises.  I hope it was a good way to temporarily feed your appetite for fitness while sharing some fellowship with your F3 brothers…

COP Warm-o-rama:

20 – In Cadence SSH

15 – IC Windmills

15 – IC IST

10 – IC Merkins

25 – IC LBC

20 – IC Mountain Climbers

Mosey to wooden fence.  Crawl under fence and roll (optional) on to grass field.  Bear crawl to the entrance of the school for the following circuit:

30 – OYO Step Ups (15 each leg)

20 – OYO Dips

25 – OYO LBC

Run around first circle in front of school and repeat 2x.  Plank when finished with arm and leg raises mixed in.

Mosey running backwards to “far” parking lot stairway.  Divide into three groups to spread out for the next circuit.

– Backward spiderman pushups going up “far” parking lot stairway

– Lunges to near island with crape myrtle.  Drop for 20 LBC.

– Lunges to “near” parking lot stairway.  Sideways plank crawl on stairway rails.

– Repeat ONE time.

Mosey to wall for additional fun activities:

– Balls to the wall – 60 count

– 20? – IC Sumo Squats

– Balls to the wall – max out

– People’s Chair – with 10 Overhead Presses

Mosey to Parking Lot

– 20 IC LBC

– 15? – The W

– 15 – Reverse Crunches

– 15- Rosalita


– Great to have FNGs posting for the second time.  Welcome @TheFed and @Smokeless.  Great job pushing it real good out there!

– TClaps to the Stone Ridge PAX for developing this new F3 area!

– Great workout everyone.  Thank you for allowing me to lead the exercises this morning.



7 thoughts on “Pushing it real good!

  1. Gordo Post author

    Thank you Rolling Stone PAX for letting a rookie like me lead a workout. I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how long everything was going to take. I had a couple of other circuits that I can just use the next time. Hopefully you are feeling something.

    We thankfully missed the rain.

    @LawDawg and @BuckWheat for the fellowship afterwards.

    1. WaterBoy

      @gordo thanks for a great workout and good variety. the reverse Spider-Man was tough! Congrats to the fed and smokeless. Fng’s no more. Glad to have you with us!

  2. Buckwheat

    Great first Q, Gordo. Glad I ventured out to Rolling Stone this AM to deviate from the norm. Enjoyed it, except for the reverse spider man merkins. Those are brutal up four flights of stairs!

    Great job out there this morning Pax, especially our now former FNG’s. Welcome to F3. Keep coming back. As you’ll hear from others, the workouts won’t get easier, but you WILL get stronger!

    1. Gordo Post author

      @buckwheat, I know you meant to say that we should have done more reverse Spider-Man. Thanks for coming this morning!

  3. Gump

    Dang Hate I missed your first Q brother..I know it was a good one if you pulled out the reverse spider man merkins!

    1. Gordo Post author

      @gump, i recall you introducing them to me in one of my first workouts. It was a memorable moment and I figured a pass on the love to others!

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