Burpeepalooza at the Precinct


Mosey to end of Raddington Ln (Quietly)
10 Burpees
SSH x 30
Reverse LBC x 15
IST x 20
10 Burpees

Mosey to entrance of Wellington
10 Burpees
CDD x10 IC
10 Decline Merkins
10 Jump ups
10 Incline Merkins IC
10 Burpees
(Try to EH a passing runner – James)

Run to playground
10 Burpees
Pullups x 10
Dips x10
WWII situps x20
Hanging Knee Raises x10
10 Burpees

Run on Saxonbury to Tennis courts
10 Burpees
10-15-20-25 Merkins run lap of Tennis court each set
10 Burpees

Audible – Stay in Tennis Courts
10 Burpees
People’s Chair w/ 20 air presses (in cadence)
Balls to the wall
Wall plank
10 Burpees

Run on Saxonbury to Pool House
10 Burpees
Crunchy Frog x20
Mason Twist x20
Plankarena x12
10 Burpees

9 thoughts on “Burpeepalooza at the Precinct

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    @ThePrecinct – 16 strong! Way to go today gents! It was my pleasure to join you today. Great effort by all. You covered about 1.5 miles and completed 120 Burpees with some other exercises as a bonus.
    As Iron sharpens Iron at F3 workouts may we be the needed Iron in the lives around us today.

  2. Striker

    I felt good after that. More importantly you left us with a little something to consider mentally as well. Thanks for the great leadership and a heck of a proper beat down.

  3. The Farm

    That beatdown definitely beat me down. I was feeling sluggish this morning and Pharoah did his best to wake me up. Great AO!

  4. Skipper

    @Pharaoh – Thanks for fitting #Precinct into your Q tour! You’re welcome back anytime. #gramps

    @Pax – If you want to learn how to be a good Q, follow @Pharaoh and take notes! Great use of AO, great variety of exercises, great beating, and he keeps it fun. #paid4endorsement
    Oh yeah, the man leaves you with something to think about in COT also! #3rdF

  5. BlindDate

    Enjoyed it Pharaoh. Great variety of both exercises and AOs. Now I just got to find the AO that only wants 5 burpees as payment to enter / exit. kidding. My arms and chest thank you for making it 10 each rep.

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