The People’s Q

Four men exited the fartsack to swing a little mettle at the Highland Creek Sports Club. No one signed up to Q, so we all did!
It went a little something like this:

Mosey around lot
Windmill X10
Cotton Picker X10
Should stretch

Here’s most of what we did. I’m missing some exercises though…

Sumo High Pull X20
Halos X10
Flutter chest press X20IC
Pullover X20
KB rack toe touch X10 each side (Derby Special)
Turkish Get ups X 5 each side
Lung walk
Standing Chest Press Variation X 10 front, right, left
Mosey around lot
Figure 8’s X20
Curls X20
Tricep Extensions X20
Pullover Chest Press X20
Clean and Press X10 each side
Bent Rows X10 each side
Mosey to playground for 5 burpee box jumps, 10 step ups, and 10 pull ups or modified pull ups
Squat Press X20
Sumo Squats X20

LBC’s w/ Bell X20
Dying Cockroach X15
Derby Double Taps (WWII Sit up w/ Bell) X10


1) Despite not having a Q, we pieced it together pretty well this morning. Good work by all.
2) Derby, your Turkish Get Up and Rack Toe Touch specials were rough!
3) Way to push yourselves guys.
4) Good to see you staying at it, Conchito. Keep coming back!!!
5) Thanks for bringing us home at the end, Shazam. Well said!

3 thoughts on “The People’s Q

  1. Shazam

    Buckwheat, great job on compiling the backblast. Great effort all around, especially Conchito. Never would have guessed you’re a #respect! It’s been a while since I posted (recovering from injury) and even longer since a Mettle post, this was pretty rough for me. Thankful for the push and the 2ndF throughout.

    1. Buckwheat Post author

      Thanks and no problem. I didn’t realize you’ve been IR. It didn’t appear so today! Hope you continue to heal and get back to 100% quickly. It’s good to see you back at it.

      Agreed on @Conchito. Good work today, brother.

      @Derby, you’re the man swinging that 50 pounder!!

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