Courting Pain

A dozen-ish pax gathered for what turned into a Pax Choice Beatdown at the tennis courts at Mallard High School

The Thang:

  1. Nanny kicked things off with a mozy to the tennis courts for warmup (SSH, Merkin, Air Squats) followed by an Acending Suicide Merkin Ladder.  Run to first court and back; 5 hand release merkins.  Second court; 10 hand release merkins.  Out to fourth court.  Google had virtual trophy.
  2. Google took the baton with three sets of going across all 4 courts doing lunges w/ glut finisher on court one, plank walk, duck walk, other plank walk.  Then run a lap around all courts and repeato up to three times.  Google had virtual trophy.
  3. Charmin was next.  He had us do a basketball drill called 22’s.  Broke into teams of two and did mini-suicides out to court two, back to halfway of court one, back to two, and home to switch with partner.  Each did 11 for total of 22.  Google/Gordo had virtual trophy.
  4. Hammer then had us circle up and we did CDD, merkins, and squats.
  5. Kool-aid was back this morning and had us form two lines in middle of tennis court half each facing a different direction.  Group one ran to the right out of the tennis courts, over the hill, and did 10 merkins, then swapped with group two who had run to the left out of the tennis courts over the hill and did 10 air squats.  Descending ladder to 1.  Yes….Google pulled down the virtual trophy.  Starting to not like this super athlete version of the Google who first joined us.
  6. YHC had to leave for kid basketball but the guys then ran back to lot and did Mary?

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. I’ve never spent that much time on the tennis courts at Mallard and it suuuuuucked.  Today was a lot of running – and that is coming from a guy who does not mind running.  T-claps to all the guys who hung in there.
  2. It was awesome to see guys jump at the chance to lead their brothers in some pain.  People’s Q is a cool chance to see some #workoutinnovation on the fly.
  3. YHC is worn out and ready to kick back with some food, fellowship, and fun tonight with my Highland brothers at the Christmas Party.  If you have not RSVP’ed yet….that is OK!!!  Come on out.  Next door to Pippa’s @ the Sweet Spot.  7PM.  It will be a good time – money back guarantee.

3 thoughts on “Courting Pain

  1. Gordo

    @google is a machine!

    @ponyboy also Q’ed after @thenanny left. He led us through an Indian run from the tennis courts back to the starting point parking lot and then to the concession stand and bathroom building. We split into two groups and did people’s chair while everyone took a turn sprinting around the building. A overhead press was also inserted. We repeated and then moseyed back to the parking lot, until someone called a jail break. @google, @ponyboy and someone else were battling it out but could not tell winner from my position.

    Great to see everyone out there!

  2. Charmin

    @nanny thanks for taking the lead. I had to bolt at 40 minutes for hoops and after all that running I was ready to go. Enjoy the evening tonight.

  3. Google

    @nanny Thanks for getting the backblast in. That was a serious cardio calorie burner. Great way to start the weekend. GPS had the total miles @ 3.8 miles! Considering the majority of that was sprints…. #brutal.
    @Gordo….@buckwheat kept me from sweep….#outofgas. Great push from everyone this AM! See you at the party tonight!

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