It’s not wet until you melt it…

14 Harrisburg men focused more on the 1st F than the cold, and posted to see what the Q had in store. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Q didn’t know either, so it went something like this…

Mosey through the parking lot, circle up
Mountain Climbers x20
Air Squats x10
Merkins x10

Mosey to the great wall of HRHS for an People’s Indian Chair/Balls to the Wall – pax gets into the People’s Chair. First guy runs to the end and resumes People’s Chair. Continue twice through the pax, then switch to BTW for one round, back to People’s Chair for two more rounds then one more BTW for good measure.

Circle up in the field for the 10 minute challenge:
20 Merkins and 20 LBCs every minute for 10 minutes

Mosey to the driving range hill.
Burpee/Reverse Crunch ladder, 7 to 1

Indian Run back around the school to the bus lot and line up.
Bear Crawl from the first island to the second, stopping for 5 Merkins at each of the 10 parking lines in between. Repeato to the next island with Walking Lunges and 5 Air Squats at each line.

Indian Run out to Raging Bull Rd, back towards the stadium then back around to the starting point.

Homer to Marge medley (Low Flutter, Rosalita and Low Dolly mixed in…then turn it over the Bull for a few more “Hold It!” calls)
Crunchy Frog x15 (courtesy of Banjo Boy)


1. Privilege to lead this group. Thanks for playing along.
2. Discovered quickly that the frozen ground isnt so bad, until your body heat melts the frost….then it just gets wet.
3. Thanks to Banjo Boy for taking us out and for leading the Crunchy Frog. Still feels like we’re cheating on Solo Cup, though.
4. Keep Drop Thrill (Area 51) and his family in your prayers after the loss of his mother.


6 thoughts on “It’s not wet until you melt it…

  1. Gamma Post author

    Thanks for posting this morning. All I can say is that I hope Clueless keeps the 270 Merkins in mind when he plans tomorrow’s workout!

    1. Clueless

      Yes… chest work noted @Gamma (along with very cold fingers). Thanks for the tour this morning. I didn’t even know that other hill existed.

    2. Posh :p

      Thanks for warming us up this frosty morning.
      Was that Schedule C that left early. If so, hope he is feeling better.

      #Tclaps appears to be not working for me. Anybody else having troubles?

  2. BBQ

    Last week seemed to be lots of running, this week lots of burpees and merkins. So what’s next week? When does it get easier?

    @Gamma – think I’m a wimp cause the gloves I’ve got never kept my hands warm this AM. The cold + our hands in the frost 80% of the time meant they never loosened up. Time to buy a better pair.

    @Schedule C – hope you’re feeling better since this AM.

    @Posh – nope, the Tclaps button doesn’t work for me either.

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