Tour de Creek

10 pax for the tried and true Playground 2 Playground route but w/o the painstation stops.

The Thang:

  1. HCES to Col Mustard’s house to see if he had gotten lost in his driveway.  Then to Christenbury pool, Sports Club, Clarke Creek pool, 18th hole playground, fire station, and back to HCES.
  2. Ended up being 5.3 mi @ 8:19 pace.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. For some reason I had it in my head that Col Mustard had the Q, but at 5:31 w/ no Mustard, we took off.  Nanny was planning a repeat route from last week (201 Central Loop) but Skipper interceded with a crazy idea to do a different route – what?!?!?  He suggested the P2P Route that I think was our first ever Cruise route 2.5 yrs ago.
  2. I was concerned that perhaps Mustard had fallen in his driveway and broken his hip, so we stopped by his house on our way to Millstream.
  3. I enjoyed all the confusion and “ohhh!!” comments along the way as P2P first timers got lost and then found over and over.
  4. Google had a burst of energy with about .5 miles to go and finished us up at a 7:10 pace.  Virtual trophy goes to Google closely followed by Iron Hide.
  5. Highlight for me was when we had just turned right onto the parkway from the school and YHC crop dusted the pax.  5..4..3..2..1…”oh my gosh! what the he** is that smell?!”  And then Google unveiled his Super Power that he has hidden from us up to this point.  “He said, man! what did you have for dinner – meat loaf?!”  Um….yes….and that is a little freaky that you can tell.  He followed it up with “I can taste it!”  Gross and I am sorry for subjecting you and the pax to that cruel and unusual punishment.  I guess my father-in-law’s “meat loaf surprise” recipe has more surprises than even he knew…
  6. Christmas party on saturday next door to Pippa’s at the Sweet Spot.  Would love an RSVP from you, but not required.  You can show up anytime after 7PM.  It promises to be a night of socializing, year in review slideshows, and awards/heckling.  You won’t want to miss.

6 thoughts on “Tour de Creek

  1. The Nanny Post author

    A memorable Cruise this morning guys. Glad you made it out for the week’s big calorie burner.

    1. Gordo

      @Nanny, thank you for the “new” route today minus the crop dusting (2x). You kept me and @Tank guessing.

      @Google – strong finish! I too had the motivation of staying ahead of @Nanny to avoid a third attack, but the legs did not cooperate. Well done.

  2. Skipper

    @TheNanny – Thanks for taking the Q today. No thanks for the crop dusting. It’s funny to read that now because I was 10 men back from you and at least 15 yards when the smell hit me. I immediately looked around for a sewer line that was open/broken. I think we need to add a “Swamp Ass Award” for the party this weekend. #meatloafsurprise

    @Hogan – Enjoyed the 2nd F with you today!

  3. Ironhide

    @TheNanny – Back to a conversation we were having this morning about BRR… where did you say that recap article from last year was on the site?


  4. Google

    @Nanny…LMAO!!! I 2nd your nomination for the Swamp ass reward! And yes I really did taste it..(i just threw up in my mouth a little)

    @ Ironhide@Nanny enjoyed the F2 …way to finish strong!

    @Gordo….Agreed.. I had a little extra motivation to finsih ahead of @Nanny!

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